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3x4 keyboard on Samsung


    Hello and Good day!

    I just switched to the 55+ plan

    I was going to buy a new Samsung (I have a old J1 Mini Prime dual SIM)  but no sales associate  could figure out how to get the old smashing 3x4 keyboard to be used and NOT the qwerty keyboard on the J3 that was available or any other new phone for that matter!

    Can someone tell me how to get the 3x4 keyboard WITHOUT having to download it?

    All the other smasungs I had prior to s7 active the 3x4 was available without download?

    I was told ALL the new Samsung's no longer have it without download of a 3rd party?

    Is that true?

    I always loved Samsung because the old 3x4 was always available as an option for a keyboard right out of the box! No it seems they are just like Apple!

    Can anyone please advice me if that is true or not and the associates just didn't know the way to get the old 3x4 Samsung to be used!

    Apologies for posting here I could not figure out how to ask a new question or start a new thread!


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