Where can I file a complaint against T Mobile?


    Hi Everyone,


    I recently bought a Moto Z 2 from a T Mobile rep over the phone on Dec 31st so that I could take advantage of the offer to get the free projector that was being promoted. At the time of the order the representative said the phone was in stock, and everything with the order went through, I even signed the agreement with her on the phone. I still have the charge on my bank account to prove that Tmobile charged me. However when I look at the order status it says I will not receive my phone until February. Unfortunately that is too late for me to redeem the offer through Motorola for the free projector.


    I contacted T Mobile and spoke with a supervisor named Mark. He said that my order did not go through even though it says on my account that it is pending, and I have been charged. He said that I can could still get the projector and all I had to do was contact Motorola and tell them what happened. I told him that he should contact them since it is the fault of T mobile that I will not be getting this phone on time as they mislead me to believe the phone was in stock as it still states on their website.


    He contacted Motorola via conference call, and they said that I would not be able to take advantage of the offer if I did not have the IMEI number of the phone by January 28th. So basically the representative from T mobile lied to me. He then said that the reason I could not get the phone sooner was because it was "back ordered" well it says it's in stock on their website. So who is lying? Why are they advertising a phone in stock when it's back ordered? Why are they telling customers its in stock when ordering, and then saying they will get it a month later? I feel like this is a bait and switch. I would have waited to buy this phone if it wasn't for the promotion.


    To make matters worse the T mobile rep said he would investigate further and escalate the issue and call me back today. Well surprise no call back! I want to file a complaint with the FCC, or FTC or whoever regulates T mobile because what they are doing is wrong.  

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