Coverage in Santa Rosa!!! HORRIBLE!!!!


    I've been a member since 2012 for T-Mobile. Yes the cell service might be great only if you're near cities. Which I am near Santa Rosa. Unfortunately the cell towers here are horrible. T-Mobile lacks coverage to certain parts of Santa Rosa. I am dumb founded that "Metro" works better out here than T-Mobile. Their plans are 40 dollars a month and mine is 70 because of a one plan that isnt that great, I would pay atleast 70 with Metro not 114. Metro has signed over to use t-mobile towers. So what do you think T-mobile? Will you lose customers because of it. Yes!!! This is the last time, I am done playing with your games and losing calls because of coverage in the area and not be able to connect to the internet. You do not re-imburse people with lose of coverage.


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      • miket

        Re: Coverage in Santa Rosa!!! HORRIBLE!!!!

        Coverage outside of S Rosa has always been poor, or non-existent.  Going south towards S Rafael, it gets better.  North, worse.  

           I don't have much experience off the main roads up there..   Can't explain why the same phone works better on Metro than TM.  (I assume you are comparing identical phones on each service.)

        • magenta3709207

          Metro does seem to work better in Santa Rosa than T-Mobile. I have to find the time to go to the store to cancel my service and get into Metro. Though Verizon has best coverage all around but expensive. But no, I have a different phone I use. I do know that it does have a different freq it uses. Once my phone is integrated with Metros' we will see. Though atleast I wouldn't be charged 70 but 30 instead.


          Now If T-Mobile can actually bargain with me with a different quote like Metro's  (a bit less like $25 for the plan and then charge for the phone $30. Comes around to $50 a month.) Sure we can talk. But unfortunately no plans are like that except pre-paid and crappy coverage.


          I do agree, main roads are good, but once off the road and you're surrounded by lines and nothingness. No coverage at all, unless you hit a main road with heavy traffic. If you hit the residential areas, no coverage as well unless you have Xfinity and use their internet but that's always bad too. IDK, T-Mobile is lagging behind. Not thrilled with their coverage unless we can use all cell towers one day and get charged less for it. I'm not happy with them anymore.

            • stevetjr

              Re: Coverage in Santa Rosa!!! HORRIBLE!!!!

              MetroPCS hasn't "signed over" to use T-Mobile towers, they do use T-Mobile towers because T-Mobile owns MetroPCS and shut down all of Metros' towers to harvest the spectrum and just moved all of Metro over to T-Mobile's network.  They keep them separate because Metro is all prepaid which has lower overhead than "credit check/postpaid" plans so they can charge less and also because they don't have to offer all the bells and whistles.


              I would suspect if you are getting better coverage with Metro phone is probably newer or even if older supports Band 12 which your TMO phone probably doesn't.  Having a Band 12 (700a block spectrum/freq) phone will significantly improve your coverage and service.  I have had 3 Band 12 capable phones and my Mom is buried in Santa Rosa so I head up there all the time when I am out there and never have had an issue, never thought to look and see if I was indeed on Band 12 or not, but I have never had any issues when there.

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