Trying to unlock my Samsung Galaxy Avant?


    After multiple hassles with Tmobile I decided to go to a lower hassle, lower cost provider (consumer cellular).


    I asked Tmobile to unlock my phone after they disconnected my service on my phone instead of an old employees phone, this was the straw that broke the camels back.


    Tmobile said they would send me an email to do it.  I said ok.  2 days later I got the email.  This is an exact cut and paste of the email:




    T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request
    Sim Unlock Reference:  13270063

    Unlock Code:  Device App

    Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. There is no unlock code provided by the manufacturer to unlock this device. This specific model can only be unlocked by using the Device Unlock app in the device itself. Please be advised that specific requirements will need to be met in order for your device to qualify for a permanent unlock. The unlock requirements can be found at If you are not eligible for permanent unlocking you can temporary unlock your device and are eligible for five temporary unlocks per year, each for a 30 day period. 
    Before completing the steps below to unlock your device you must be connected to the internet via a cellular network in order to complete the steps:
    1) Launch the Device Unlock app
    2) On the first screen, select continue to connect to the server
    3) Wait for the device to connect to the server
    4) Select the type of unlock: Temporary or Permanent
    5) Please wait until the app connects to your carrier and requests to unlock
    6) When an "Unlock Approved" message is received
    7) Once received restart the device to apply the new unlock settings
    Note: The temporary unlock is available only for 30 days after which the device will lock back to T-Mobile

    Thank You,

    Customer Service
    T-Mobile USA, Inc.

    ARSystem Notify <>

    8:23 PM (17 hours ago)



    Of course I can not ask any questions of a do not reply email address.......Great customer service there, again.


    The other obvious questions are:

    How can I be connected to a cellular network if you will not allow me to unlock my phone?  Please fix this obvious hassle your company has created.


    How do I 1) Launch the Device Unlock app?


    your link to unlock requirements does not work.

    It appears the mass exodus from tmobile is causing them to make it impossible to unlock the phones WE PAY FOR.


    All I want is to unlock my phone and get away from this company. 


    I have been with them for over 5 years , never missed a payment.  You would think they would want good business but such is not the case.  Their customer service people have no ability to fix problems. 

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      • gramps28

        What is this mass exodus you speak off since their subscriber base is the highest it's ever been.

        • tmo_amanda

          Hi, magenta3692280!


          I'd like to start by thanking snn555 and gramps28 for stepping in to help answer your question as this is primarily a user to user forum. I'm simply here to moderate and make sure all questions are answered and answered correctly. As both of them mentioned, they're not employees of T-Mobile but instead ridiculously helpful and knowledgeable T-Mobile customers. I'm bummed to see the direction this thread has taken as the both of them were only trying to help out and instead insults were made. We do ask each of our users to be respectful to one another as we want to keep this a family-friendly community.


          To answer your question about the SIM unlock, since your device requires use of the Unlock App, a connection to the T-Mobile network is necessary. It sounds like your account is no longer active which means a SIM unlock Escalation ticket needs to be filed. To file the ticket, it's best to reach out to our T-Force team via social media. You mentioned that you don't have one set-up. In my opinion, it's worth setting one up to work with some of our top-notch customer service reps. If you still prefer communicating over the phone, you can reference this thread with the CARE rep and let them know an escalation ticket must be filed. Since Community Managers do not have account access, we need to refer you to either CARE or T-Force.


          Since this thread has gone in a downward spiral, I'm going to lock it so no further commenting can be made. You can send me a private message by clicking on my profile, "following" me, then select "Message" if you have additional questions.