Samsung 3x4 Keyboard New Phones!


    Hello and Good Day to All!


    I just switched to the 55+ Plan I was going to get a New Samsung s8 active or even the J3 but no associate could figure out how to get the Samsung 3x4 Keyboard on the phone to work!


    I was told that "they" no longer offer "it" (the old 3x4 keyboard) without downloading a 3rd party app! I might as well just get an Apple then as I ALWASY stayed with Samsung for that 1 reason! Samsung ALWASY had the 3x4 as an option!!! WITHOUT downloading a 3rd party app!


    Does anyone know here how to get the Old Samsung 3x4 Keyboard to operate on the J3 ? WITHOUT downloading a 3rd party app? (or the S7 active)


    Also is it true that one never had to download "updates" for any new phone if you dont want too (I have always found that after "updating" the phones NEVER work as they did out of the box!





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      • snn555

        Re: Samsung 3x4 Keyboard New Phones!

        Any feature that is not on the phone stock is something that would have to be downloaded from a third-party. Updates can be put off almost indefinitely however most updates will automatically install at some point in time.  I have heard that you can disable the software update app in settings but that varies from phone and manufacturer.