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Why T-mobile One HotSpot speed is close to ZERO!


    I have unlimited high speed data. I get almost 20/20 Mbps both ways.

    When I switch on HotSpot I have the same speed on my phone but I can only get (0.2 - 0.5) / (0.00 - 0.16) Mbps on my connected device which is absolutely useless.

    I called the CS and she tried a million ways to fix it to no avail until her line cut off in the middle of the last try.



    Then I used chat support and the guy mentioned something that blew my mind,

    He said the HotSpot speed is 3G and also 3G means 0.4 to 0.7 Mbps !!!!!! and if anyone wants more speed they have to shell out another 10$.


    Please someone enlighten me if my feeling of being ripped off by T-mobile is just wrong.


    Why they are doing this? This is not an improvement by no means compared to my previous Simple Choice plan.

    If they are worried about over consumption, why they don't offer just limited amount of data and then enforce that throttle? I use less than 2 GB/m mostly, but when I use it I want it to be high speed!





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      • snn555

        The chat rep was correct. The base one plan is limited to 3-g speeds unlimited while the OnePlus plan for $10 more as 10 gigabytes of LTE speed and for $25 you can get one plus International and unlimited LTE hotspot.

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        • dragon1562

          There was also a promo for one plus that is long gone that would have given you the 10GB of LTE hotspot. Its worth noteing that after that it gets throttled back down to 3g. Its actually a good bargain if you were on the Simple Choice unlimited plan that I had originally which only had 7GB for me to use. They also make no effort to hide this fact as they promote the one plus add on heavily with the fact of included hotspot data.

          • drnewcomb2

            I recently switched from a Select Choice plan, with a large bucket of high-speed tethering, to a 55+ plan that is similar to T-Mobile ONE. I was aware that my tethering would be slower but I was not quite prepared for how much slower it would be. I got by for many years with dial-up Internet but dropping back to ~256 kbps when tethering the iPad in 2018 was a real shock. Today's web pages are very data-intensive and graphics-rich and require a lot of bandwidth just to load.   

            • magenta1627944

              yeah you get unlimited 10gb of 4glte but thats not off a hotspot device thats off the hotspot on your phone i think it blows when i went to t-mobile one i was told i can add a hotspot device and get unlimited for an extra 20$ but they failed to tell me that its unlimited 3g and only from a tablet and not my zte 917....... and if i wanted to have that device as a hot spot i would have to buy a bucket..... in my opinion it really blows but it is what it is, if you try to put the phone sim into the device when you try n open a web page it takes you to a page where you can buy gb so it can work..........its sold in 2gb,4,6,8,10 and so forth

              • magenta4657374

                I just joined this community to ask a similar question. I upgraded my OnePlus to include LTE tethering for an extra $25/month. After 2 weeks of using it, I honestly see no improvement, and in regards to download speed I find it to be worse. I get that all carriers "prioritize" for customers using data for mobile, and there are congestion times. But as I'm writing this, I have been trying to download a 3-minute 720p video for 27 hours... and it's now only 3% completed. It's not stuck, I'm monitoring usage. I think that since most mobile users are on the 4g LTE network, there is never an uncongested time for tethering. Wouldn't it most likely be better to use 3g for tethering given that less people are on it?

                • nsdq160th

                  signed up for the Military ONE plan.   THE ONLY DISAPPOINTMENT IS THE HOTSPOT WIFI SHARING SPEED!!     .5 mbps can't be considered 3G speeds?!?!   that's ridiculous!!!!   AT least give me 1 or 2 MBPS!!!   That should NOT be too much to ask!!!   Don't ask me for ANOTHER 10 bucks for some speed that I can actually use!!!    This is absolutely a scam rip off!