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Why T-mobile One HotSpot speed is close to ZERO!


    I have unlimited high speed data. I get almost 20/20 Mbps both ways.

    When I switch on HotSpot I have the same speed on my phone but I can only get (0.2 - 0.5) / (0.00 - 0.16) Mbps on my connected device which is absolutely useless.

    I called the CS and she tried a million ways to fix it to no avail until her line cut off in the middle of the last try.



    Then I used chat support and the guy mentioned something that blew my mind,

    He said the HotSpot speed is 3G and also 3G means 0.4 to 0.7 Mbps !!!!!! and if anyone wants more speed they have to shell out another 10$.


    Please someone enlighten me if my feeling of being ripped off by T-mobile is just wrong.


    Why they are doing this? This is not an improvement by no means compared to my previous Simple Choice plan.

    If they are worried about over consumption, why they don't offer just limited amount of data and then enforce that throttle? I use less than 2 GB/m mostly, but when I use it I want it to be high speed!





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