Pictures and MMS (group text messages)


    I own an LG G5 purchased in Oct 2016. I have had no issues with it until now.  Yesterday ( 12/31/2017) I decided to finally install the Android updates that I kept being reminded of on my phone.  The phone updated and restarted. Since that time I have been unable to send/receive pictures, or send/receive group texts (MMS) without have my mobile data turned on.  Before the updates were installed, I had no issue with this.  I could send and receive pictures and send and receive group texts without turning on mobile data.  I just had to hit the download that was in the text message.  Is there a fix for this issue?  I hate having to keep turning on the mobile data for this.  As I said it functioned fine prior to installing the Android update yesterday.


    Thank you for any help

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