Is the OnePlus 5t compatible with T-Mobile? Does Wifi-calling work? Will I get LTE Data?


    Hi, after getting a crappy Oppo phone for super cheap but runs on a 2g network in the US, I want to get a new phone. The phone I really want is the OnePlus 5T. That phone company is also very European/Asian like Oppo, and I don't want to fall into the same trap like I did with Oppo and choose a phone that could run 2g at the highest,( If anyone didn't know what that was, it was the network the IPHONE 1 ran on today, extremely slow). I dom't wanna spend 500 dollars on a data crap, so please give me every spec about the OnePlus 5t. (Please send screenshots of the LTE showing if you have a OnePlus 5T. Thank you all very much!

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