"Can't send message with SIM1, error 28", SMS Issues for TMobile Moto Z2 Force


    so I just bought a brand new Moto Z2 force from TMobile a few days ago. So the issue I've been having is that sproadically (twice in the past 3 days) I haven't been able to send or receive texts for a few hours. Whenever I attempt to send texts it doesn't send and tells me "Can't send message with SIM1, error 28". I restart my phone, force restart my messages app and it still doesn't allow me to send or receive texts. When I have this issue I make sure to check that I have reception by giving a call and checking to see if I have data by surfing the web (using LTE and wifi) and it's working. This issue doesn't only happen in one location but it happened in two different areas. I was with a friend the second time and asked him to send me a text however I didn't receive it even though it said sent on his phone.


    The odd thing is that within a few hours later I get spammed with all of the texts that I couldn't receive and I am finally able to send texts as well. This issue then disappears for a while and then reappears later. I called TMobile about it however they just told me to reset it and they weren't very helpful. I'm in Anchorage so Tmobile uses GCI(local partner) towers here. I previously had an iPhone 6S and I never had any issues with sending or receiving texts here while using GCI so thats why I'm thinking it has to do something with my new phone

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