Delay receiving group text messages on iPhone 7+


    I have been having trouble delay receiving (sometimes up to 12 hours and all the messages come in at once after the 12 hours) group text for a couple months.  This has been on going and I called Apple and T-Mobile for the last couple of months.  I changed out a new sim card.  My group text only includes 2 other people, one is an android phone on T-Mobile service and the other is an iPhone 7+ with Verizon service.  I restored my phone and still having the same issue.  I called T-Mobile and they keep creating trouble tickets and escalated to their engineers.  T-Mobile also did a purge on my account and still an issue.  Still they said they don't see anything wrong.  I contacted Apple and said it is on T-Mobile's end.  I have been a T-Mobile member for at least 12 years, I would hate to go to another provider.  But, what is the use of paying for a service that does not work.

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