Poor resolution on my issue of fraud! Where/How should I file complain about the handing of my case?


    I was in the church this morning for the new year mass when I go a text confirming  the update to my simcard. I checked my phone was deactivated. I called Tmobile and spoke to Roger and he told me that a line as activated by my wife and had my number deactivated. I told them it was fraud because we are in the church for a mass thats currently happening. I asked Roger to have my phone reactivated and cancel/deactivate the fraudulent number (9093484545) activated on our behalf. He finish his documentations and transferred me to Chuka another Tmobile specialist. Chuka said that it will take 3 days for my phone to be reactivated. I insisted it was unacceptable I need my phone and I asked for his supervisor Tasha to talk to me. After waiting for a long time for Tasha the supervisor, he told me it will e resolved asap he's going to work on it but still did not get a chance to talk to the supervisor Tasha. I insisted on talking to her and I was told by Chuka that it ill take about 24 hours to have my phone activated again. I was already aggravated and he was talking over me and was insisting that the supervisor was working on it. I insisted to talk to the supervisor but to no avail. However, I had my cellphone reactivated after being on the phone with them for more than  2 hours. I never got to talk to the supervisor and I was asking how and where to file a complain on how they handled my case but to no avail again.


    My phone was reactivated but they still have not deactivated the fraudulently activated line (9093484545). I still have not been able to talk to Tasha the supervisor.


    I called again and spoke to another specialist, ENZO and I was informed that there were already notes on my account. I asked the same question on how to file my complain and asked for his supervisor HENRY. Once again I never got to talk to Henry, the supervisor and was advised to go tot he website. I wanted to document my complain. Please have someone follow up on me on my issue with me.


    FYI at about the same time that this was happening I got another fraudulent transactions/Transfers on my bank account. I am going to the police tomorrow but I wanted Tmobile to follow up on the poor resolution/handling of my issue and the way I was treated.

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