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    How do i setup a VPN on my android

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      • snn555

        I would use an app rather than manual settings. Tunnelbear is a trustworthy app.

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        • magenta3604948

          Thank u ill look in2 that

            • tronguy123

              So.. I'll take a semi-authoritative whack at this.

              First: VPN is Virtual Private Tunnel. Put packets in at one end, to and fro, and they show up at another end, encrypted in between, so random bad guys can't tell what you're passing back and forth, be it bank passwords, the company crown jewels of IP, or the time of day.

              There's no one standard. As near as I can tell, the process for authentication, the encryption methods themselves, the kind of packets used to carry the encryption (UDP or TCP/IP), and so on have evolved over time and the whims of security coders everywhere. Worse, the encryption coders themselves aren't very interested in explaining details, figuring that if one wants to know, one should take the three-credit course and simply know how to do it, which is a bit of a downer.

              So, just to fill this out, VPNs are used to connect routers together with machines in the network at either end; or to connect roving laptops to VPN servers that in turn connect to corporate networks; and so on. Each type requires different routing tables on the two endpoints, more complexity.

              Me, I just wanted to surf/use the internet from my cell in high threat environments without having to worry that some idiot hacker or commercial interest wasn't sniffing unencrypted packets for commercial gain. This also includes maniacs running fake wi-fi hotspots playing man-in-middle for attack purposes. It's not really paranoia if there are types really trying to get one. A VPN is a useful tool for defense in depth.

              Android comes with some VPN software already baked in: See Settings->Connections->More Connections, and there it is. Add a VPN, with a bunch of options to set it up. Fine, that's the phone end.

              The real problem is the _other_ end: just where is one connecting to?

              First off, there are commercial interests, dozens of them, in fact. They'll provide one with instructions and a crowd of endpoints to which one can VPN. Sometimes they want money. The more worrisome ones may not. And the reason for that is that, due to the nature of VPN, they of course can see one's unencrypted traffic. So, if they're like Google, they mine your data for their commercial benefit. Or scan it for child porn. Or whatever. Um. And this is the private channel one is looking for?


              A better solution could be to connect to one's home router, then go to the internet from there. A fair number of routers have bsked-in VPN server support: certainly, the real high-end ones do. So do ones supporting DD-WRT do. Many of the ones from Netgear do, specifically using the OpenVPN protocol.

              So, what does one find on the Play Store?

              1. Dedicated apps meant to connect to one VPN provider, and only that VPN provider. Expect to pay money or have your stuff scanned for money, and do some serious due diligence to confirm one is not doing this with crooks or worse.

              2. Apps like OpenVPN, which will accept a profile with encryption keys and all from some server, be it a commercial interest or your router.

              I'm currently VPN'ing from my home Netgear router with OpenVPN.  it works, but there's issues with the use of an outdated MD5 protocol that Netgear has yet to address.

            • tmo_marissa

              Hey there! This is a little outside of the scope of something we're able to support, so apologies in advance, I don't have any suggestions here! That said, I still wanted to check in and see if the app that snn555 recommended was helpful! Were you able to use it to figure out what you needed?

              • tmo_marissa

                Hi again, magenta3604948! Just swinging by to see if you still had any questions about VPN or if you'd sorted everything out. Please let us know if the recommended app worked for you! Thanks!