Note8 has no reception




    After the last update, my Note 8 gets reception for a few seconds, maybe even 30, after a reboot -- then loses it completely.


    I've tried power off. Different SIM. Uninstalling DIGITS. Changing network to lock down to only 3G, even to only 2G. WiFi off. Airplane mode on and back off.  Rebooting between each, of course.


    WiFi calling, interestingly, DOES work.


    The SIM card is good -- it was working, and it's currently in my "old" S8+. DIGITS is letting me make calls on my Note8.


    I've tried this in various areas around me, and it's consistent.


    I have *not* tried a factory reset. I'm trying to avoid that, as I don't want to have to do the reconnection to work, etc.


    Any ideas?

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