T-Mobile is unable to credit payments to my account.


    I've spent hours trying to solve this and nobody at T-Mobile seems to be able to help.


    Basically, I make payments on tmobile.com, my card gets charged, there's a record of it on tmobile.com and at my bank, but my "Amount Due" does not change. The phone reps can see my payment and they can't figure out why it's not applied. Conveniently after 15-20 minutes of investigations, the phone calls get dropped or I get promised a callback that never occurs.


    According to T-Mobile, my account is now 3 days past due and it says my service will be disconnected despite T-Mobile having received full payment.


    Full details:

    I bought a phone online from tmobile.com in October (two billing cycles ago), paid full-price for it, the charge appeared on my credit card statement and I fully paid my credit card.

    I received the phone in the mail and have been using it with no problem.

    In the December cycle, the full phone price re-appeared on my bill (an extra $660).


    I called 4 times, chatted on t-mobile.com multiple times, went into a retail store and nobody at T-Mobile could find a record of my payment. I came with my credit card statement including the reference number, date, and amount. At the recommendation of the T-Mobile rep, I disputed the October payment with my credit card, got the money back and paid the full current payment online ($660 phantom phone charge + $130 regular bill amount). Even today, I can see the payments online, but my "Amount Due" hasn't changed.


    I fully expect my account to be disconnected and have to spend even longer to fix that.


    Any ideas on who at T-Mobile can fix this?

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      • tmo_chris

        My goodness! It sounds like something is definitely wrong here! I know you said that you spoke with our customer care over the phone already but I think that we are going to need to really dig into your account to see what specifically happened. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please use the links in my signature to send a message to our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up your account and do a full investigation and make sure everything is set straight.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hi, magenta3683040! Just wanted to check in here and see if you'd had a chance to reach out to T-Force as Chris suggested. Were we able to get to the bottom of this? We want to make sure you're squared away and all set for 2018; please let us know how you're doing! Thanks.

            • magenta3683040

              I called 4 days ago, and they started a payment investigation which prevents my account from being disconnected while that's happening. I haven't heard back.


              This morning, I contacted the T-Force. They're investigating, but no conclusion yet.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Well, this is definitely not the most convenient time of year for an investigation that relies on standard "business days", what with the holiday, but the hold is a good precaution *and* I'm really glad to read that this was initiated -- it's definitely a step in the right direction. Please keep us posted on how things go -- I hope that it won't take too much longer now!

                    • tmo_lauren

                      Just wanted to check in.



                        • magenta3683040

                          No changes on the account and no updates from either T-Force nor the original payment investigation.

                          T-Force had mentioned 1 business day for an update and in 30 minutes, it'll be 2 business days.


                          T-Mobile.com thinks the account is 7 days past due and my phones haven't been disconnected.


                          My next bill is out on Jan 11 so I'm not really expecting to hear anything until then.

                            • tmo_chris

                              I am very sorry you have not been contacted yet It is possible that the resolution is taking a bit longer than expected but we should definitely be updating you if that were the case. Would you be able to reply to the private message you have with our T-Force team just to check in?

                                • magenta3683040

                                  I'm surprised and disappointed at how incompetent and disjointed the support at T-Force is.


                                  They mention they emailed and called me a few days ago. They did not and I verified the phone number and email they should have used if there was such a communication.


                                  If you read below, it sounds like whatever the Cash Apps Team is can also see the payment I made as "posted correctly" but "not posted", which I assume means applied to the account. That is exactly the problem I'm describing so them recognizing the problem does not mean it's resolved!


                                  I'm going to be very very angry if you guys disconnect my phone for your incompetence despite me proactively taking steps to fix T-Mobile's billing problem.


                                  Here is the update from them:

                                  We were showing as all being corrected. Were you not seeing the same?

                                  I was still seeing the $791.37 on my end as well. Would you be able to take screenshots of the bank statements for the two cards, to show the two charges? We can have you send it to MissingPaymentsDocuments@T-Mobile.com. Make sure you also send your Phone number and Account number in the email.

                                  I can tell how this has tested your patience, and, if it were me, I too would not know what to expect considering the circumstances so far. I am not making guesses, though I am not sure which number or email that would have been used. These steps are the same steps offered by the Cash Apps Team that works on these issues. The notes on 1/3 states this specifically: "sent email regarding Remedy Ticket 1087026 & Remedy Ticket 1087025, the payments still have not posted though they were closed as posted correctly.

                                  " Advised these were closed by a macro that located the payments in question and closed the tickets accordingly. If the customer feels they are still missing payments, they can email their bank statements for the two cards, to show the two charges to  MissingPaymentsDocuments@T-Mobile.com. I reviewed the card activity with our payment processor and only found the single  payment per card." This would be the best steps to take at this time to resolve this.

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                                    • tmo_chris

                                      My goodness, you have definitely had to spend way too much time on this issue. Due to the nature of your issue and the security of your account, our missing payments team is going to be the best to get this sorted once and for all. They will be able to have full access to your payment history and compare it to the information you provide. If there is a T-Mobile error, you can rest assured that our team will correct it.

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                                      • tmo_marissa

                                        Hey there! Just checking in to see if you'd had a chance to send the statements showing the payments to the email address for the Cash Apps team's Missing Payment department. I know it's the weekend, but we were wondering if you'd heard anything back yet! Hopefully this is on the way to a fix for you!

                          • magenta3683040

                            Almost fixed--the balance due is correct, but I can't make a card payment online.


                            I asked T-Force to fix/unblock the payment part.

                              • magenta3683040

                                T-Force tried to process my payment and they had the same error.


                                They asked me to make cash payments at a retail store for the remaining portion of last month's and next month's payments and that they will disconnect my service on January 18th if that payment isn't made. This seems to be a penalty for making a late payment. This is also unacceptable to me!


                                I've been a customer for 4+ years. I've made all my payments on time. Why can't anyone fix this issue properly? I'm ok paying more and taking all 10 lines to Verizon, but I'm NOT ok with all this waste of time and nobody being able to fix it.


                                I just want to make the payment due online via my credit card as I've done for the past 4+ years.

                                  • tmo_marissa

                                    I think it's totally understandable to want to pay the way you're accustomed, I'm sorry that you're not able to make the payments using that method. Was it just the card that had difficulty with the payment issue that wasn't working, or is it any/all cards that you try to use? I know that we don't block payments because of a late payment, so I'm wondering if our T-Force team was able to explain why you'd need to make a cash payment?

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                                      • magenta3683040

                                        It's sort of fixed now. I went to the store to complain/try to pay and they took my credit card payment without problem.


                                        They did say online credit card payments are blocked until Feb 8th. The T-Force told me credit card payments are blocked until Jan 28th.


                                        I'm not at all happy with how this worked out with the conflicting information and the continuing payment problems, but it's resolved for now.

                                          • tmo_marissa

                                            It sounds like a fraud protection gone awry, in that case. I'm sorry for this additional inconvenience after everything else you've been through, but I'm super glad to hear that the balance has been corrected and you were able to make a payment successfully. Thanks for coming back to let us know, and for keeping us posted along the way!

                                              • magenta3683040

                                                Hi--this is still a problem.


                                                T-Mobile is rebutting the dispute with my credit card payment and trying to charge me a second time $660.86 for the phone. They wrote a letter saying that I received the phone so the charge is valid. They ignored the part about T-Mobile double billing and them not accepting my proof of payment. It's very twisted logic.


                                                Is there anyone who can just look at the total charges and total payments received by T-Mobile?


                                                T-Mobile should allow my original dispute to stand since I made a second payment, on the advice of T-Mobile, for the same amount.


                                                This is a ridiculous situation.