Retrieving old text messages from an old number


    I am trying to get a record of a phone number and the text messages i sent. How do i go about getting it?

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      • magenta3656553

        from an old phone number

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey there, magenta3656553! We might need some more specifics to address this question. Generally speaking, snn555 is correct that once a number's deactivated it can be difficult to get these kinds of message logs. First, let me clarify that we don't store the contents of text messages themselves at all. But if you're looking for the logs (incoming number, outgoing number, dates and times), you can find those on a detailed bill statement if you were a postpaid customer. For Pay In Advance services, we wouldn't generate such a statement. Having these statements resent may have a fee associated, but if you think the circumstances I'm describing match up with what you're looking for and the type of account this number was active on, then it would definitely be worth it to Contact Us and ask if we're able to provide some detailed bill reprints for you in this situation.


          - Marissa