Unlocking sim out of country


    I was wondering if a gsm locked phone can be unlocked while outside of the T mobile network or does it need to be connected to the network to complete the procedure?

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          My S6 edge is sim locked for no reason and I cant get any help from customer service. I bought it in a t-mobile store in Maui Hawaii and paid full price (no contract)  and carried on with prepaid. I double checked with guy in the store it was unlocked because I new I was moving back to the UK. in a couple of months. I was in Hawaii for 9 years and was with t-mobile the whole time. I've been back in the uk for 6 months and the phone was working with a different sim card but last month my phone is sim locked with this stupid app. And yeah it doesn't work. I called customer service with IMEI number etc but didn't get any help.

          So I've paid $600+ for a phone from T-mobile that doesn't work , then get no help or any advice. But why was this app or T-mobile block thing on this phone after I paid in full for the phone and explained I needed it unlocked because I was heading back to the uk. No help with custumer service which wasn't cheap to call from the uk. Try to contact T-mobile online which I have an account but cant get into. I put my email address  and password in, which should be enough to access my account but then it wants to confirm with a text . Obvious I cant becuse Idont have the same sim card anymore because im in the UK so I cant contact online either.

          This is so wrong and messed up .

          Can someone please get back to me with anything?

          My US T-mobile number was


          IMEI 359717060638620

          MODEL G925T

          My email is: EDIT: TMo_Chris - remove personal info

          Please help,im screwed right now


          Simon Jones


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              Hey dooguns,


              Thanks for taking the time to post to our community. I am very sorry to hear that your phone for some reason appears to be locked back to the T-Mobile network after being unlocked for so long. There is no reason that your phone should ever lock itself again after receiving a permanent unlock. The good news is that we can totally help you out with this. Since you had purchased this phone at full price at a T-Mobile store and used it on the T-Mobile network for so long, the phone should definitely qualify for a permanent unlock. I understand that you have not had that much luck with our over the phone support and I sincerely apologize about that. We do indeed need to take a closer look at your account in order to see what specifically happened here as well as process any kind of unlock escalation that needs to happen. Here on a user forum, the Community manager team does not have access to customers billing accounts so I cannot assist you here but if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to send a private message to our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up your old T-Mobile USA account and verify the unlock eligibility and assist you with processing a new permanent unlock request if necessary.

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                  Chris!!!!!!!  im so sorry for sounding like a mad man on my recent posts. I appreciate it that you were still polite and helpful and gave me some great advice because geuss what?!!!!! They fixed my Phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im over the moon!  I cant believe it, so happy.  I went to T-Force through twitter like you said , told them the problem I was having and gave them my number and imei number and that was basically that.  The only thing that took a while was they couldn't find my account. I went to my email history and sent them some screenshots of some t-mobile emails I had received before which worked out fine. Reason why they couldn't find my details at the beginning was because i was always using a pre paid plan when I was in the US. When I went back to the uk ,6 months later my account was deleted and my old number was being used by someone else because it was an inactive account. They were so helpful. I cant thank you enough for helping me out and giving me the info I needed! I was literally about to through my phone in the trash! I apologise again for being a bit of a jerk . Your awesome!  Have a great day, Aloha XX