Bait and Switch


    I recently went in to a T-Mobile store to switch from Sprint.  The agent sold me on the idea to join my boyfriend’s plan to make it cheaper for both of us.  We signed up and were quoted a price in the store.  Within 24 hours our bill was generate and it was way overpriced, like over $300. 


    My boyfriend spent over an hour on the phone getting it fixed, and the bill was $142.  We were promised that this was going to be the price moving forward.  This month it generated and it’s $160.  I called and they said that actually both are wrong and moving forward our bill is going to be closer to 192 a month.  Wait, what?!  That was not the price we were quoted in the store, and certainly not what was discussed on the phone the first time we called.... and now it’s past the point where I can return the phone.


    This feels like this a classic bait and switch!  I feel lied to, and now both my boyfriend and I are paying MORE than what we would have if we had separate lines.... and worse we’re locked into this ”family plan”. 


    Any ideas how to get this fixed?  The agents are telling us there’s nothing that they can do.



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      • snn555

        Re: Bait and Switch

        We would need to know the exact plans you were on and what you switch to and what features and Extras there were on both plans as well as are the phone payments and any insurance being included with that price?


        The basic T-Mobile one plan is $120 a month total for two lines. If you were to add on a $30 phone payment for two lines that would be 180 and $200 if each line had insurance. If you got the T-Mobile OnePlus plan you would be paying a little extra on top of that for even more features. So it's imperative to know exactly what plan and phones you got unless you got plans only and did not get new phones.


        But basically two lines of T-Mobile one is 120 total.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Bait and Switch

          Welcome, Maggie, and thanks for posting in our Community! snn555 is right -- to dig in here we'd need to know some more information about the family plan that your lines were placed on together and whether or not you have added additional features, device protection, or equipment financing plans. If you don't mind giving us a few details we'd be happy to try to work through this with you!

          Additionally, if you'd like to work with a team who can view those account details, our T-Force support staff are available through Twitter or Facebook -- if you just click on either of the links on my badge below this post then you can reach out to us there for account help. <3 We'd love to make sure you have a good idea of what to expect, and are super sorry for any confusion so far!


          - Marissa

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Bait and Switch

            Hey there! Just wanted to check back in here and see how things were going for you. Were you able to reach out to T-Force so that we could take a look at your account details and try to get to the bottom of this? Please let us know how it went! Thank you.