LG BOGO Terms for Q4MAGLG17 Promo


    Hello - I brought lines from AT&T to T-Mobile with the LG BOGO Promo Q4MAGLG17 on 2 December.  I bought 4 LG V30+ and, shortly after receiving, activated the 4 new lines with the included SIM cards right away and submitted the rebate on 10 December.  I only used 1 of the 4 new phones and, for the other 3 lines, used my existing, unlocked hardware.  The 3 other phones were intended as Christmas presents, but the gift exchange has been delayed and probably won't happen until later in January.  My question is this...I believe to have read all of the terms and conditions for this rebate and I see nothing mentioned about a requirement to use those phones to qualify for the rebate - only that the line itself must remain open and active.  Can you confirm my understanding is correct, and, if it is not, please direct me to the terms and conditions that I may have missed.

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        Went onto Facebook Messenger and chatted to get an answer.  For the benefit of others, here is the answer from Stephanie C. "...what I'm seeing is that at least one of the phones needed to be used on a line, but nothing specific about all of the phones needing to be used on all of the lines."


        With this, I have no reason to believe there will be an issue with my rebate.