I went to a store in Fairfield last month to inquire switching my services because I wanted to save money on my monthly bill. Well, I was impressed with the services that T-mobile has to offer, so I did transfer all our 4 phones. I was offered "free" accessories, cases, protective covers and they even mentioned about chargers. Spent most of the afternoon but ended up going home empty handed because their system went down. I was already frustrated then because I had to go back after Thanksgiving to finish the transaction. To make the long story short, I went back after Thanksgiving. I was able to get two phones because they didn't have the other two in stock. They gave me all these accessories, and said that I only had to pay for the tax. I asked if I could get the wireless charging pad instead of the powerbanks. At first the rep said no, then I asked the manager if it's ok to get the wireless charging pads and he said yes. I was so happy to get these accessories until yesterday when I saw my bill. I saw that I was getting charged for these accessories monthly. I called the 800  # iand asked if they could explain the bills to me in details. I went back to the store and told them about the charges. I was not expecting that they would deny that they gave me these accessories for free and told me me they would never do that. I said that I would never buy screen protectors and cases costing about $50 each when I could buy them from Amazon for a much cheaper price. They said that it was probably a misunderstanding. I said no. It was clear to me that they we're giving them for free because I even repeated myself "for free" and why would I even ask to get the pads instead of the powerbanks if they were not free. The rep wouldn't even give them to me without the manager's approval. It does not make sense. Now I'm stuck with the accessories because it had passed the 14-day return policy. I didn't even find out until I saw the bill.  I can't believe that this has happened to me because I'm always buying accessories from stores in the mall, more so from any of the mobile phones store because I know they cost so much more. I am now stuck with paying extra more on my bill. I should not have transferred. I should have known better. I was even telling my friends about it. But never again. How can they fool their customers just to get their "commission". I hope there's someone out there to help me.

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