Do I qualify for the Iphone BOGO Promotion For 2 Iphone 8 Plus phones if I am a new customer getting 2 new lines on a 55+ Plan?


    My question is in the title. My wife and I are currently customers with ATT. I am 55 and might consider switching over to T Mobile. Considering some of the questions on this forum that T Mobile sales reps have misled people I thought I would ask on this forum.


    If I sign up for 55+ for $70 per month without autopay, Do I qualify for the current as of 12/23/2017 Apple Iphone 8 Plus BOGO deal? Will I get a prepaid card which I can in turn use to pay off one of the phones on the plan? What will be the wait time to receive the card? Is T Mobile responsible for lost or misdirected mail if I do not receive this card?

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