Anyone else feel duped by #getoutofthered Promotion


    I am so frustrated by how I have been treated by T-mobile and I am curious if this is an issue with anyone else? I switched over from Verizon at the end of September mainly due to this promotion. I had a Iphone 8s and SE with Verizon and owed about $400 collectively. I was told by the very friendly representative at my local tmobile store to give her my Verizon account info and she would get the process started. She said sometimes its slow and the rebate process can take a little while and I told her no problem. I went into the store at the end of October and was told everything was in order and to be patient. I contacted tmobile via their messaging system on their app and they said the same and I verified it was for 2 phones and was told "yes" (again still have the message string stating this) but it can take up to 8 weeks. I said no problem and was happy to know it was moving forward. Well I called yesterday (Dec 21st) and went round and round in circles with 3 different representatives all giving me the same link which does not work and tells me "not eligible for this promotion". I finally spoke to a rather rude rep who gave me an email address to resubmit my final Verizon bill to. I did so and am waiting for a response. It would be nice to have received a followup email showing that the email address was correct and it is being looked at (it didn't happen). Just wondering if this is a similar problem with some others. I can just see them coming back to me with "its been too long since activation to do this rebate". I hope this isn't the case (obviously)!! We shall see what comes of this but it sure seems fishy to me.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Welcome, magenta3603555, and thanks for taking the time to post to our Community. It sounds like you put a lot of effort into checking on your #GetOutoftheRed submission, and based on the devices you're bringing over it seems like you'd be a great candidate.


        It's a bummer to read that your call yesterday was complicated by multiple transfers. Was our promo team able to advise what happened to your original final VZ bill?  I'm glad to read that you were provided with an email address to resubmit; I know this is an escalation process that's not an option in all scenarios, so that's great -- but it sounds like we could have done a better job of getting across how important your issue was to us; and I'm sorry that didn't come through.


        You're providing valuable feedback about a reply email. While I know these types of inboxes aren't manned 24/7, and submissions are reviewed I can see how after reaching out previously and then finding yourself in this situation, a simple auto-response would go a long way towards offering some confidence that your upload went to the right place -- we can definitely pass that on. I sincerely hope that this is on the right track now -- do you have the number for the promo team so that you can reach back out to them directly to check back on the re-submission?


        - Marissa