Unable to make voice call by 4G in BOSTON area


    Hi all,


    For about 1+ month I have not been able to make or receive voice calls when I set to 4G in the greater Boston area.

    Before that I had no problem. My 4G data continues to be working fine in greater Boston. The problem is voice only.

    However, If I drop down my settings to 3G, I am able to make and receive voice calls in the greater Boston area.

    I keep mentioning greater boston because when I'm in other parts of Mass I don't experience this problem.

    This is very inconvenient and perplexing since for 1+ month I don't have phone service where I live if I'm surfing in 4G.


    I have a Huawei Mediapad M2 (M2-802L) which is 100% compatible with t-mobile on 2G and 3G. Has LTE band (B2 and B4).



    The T-mobile engineer said it was my SIM card and suggested I swap it, which I did and still have the same problem.

    I did nothing and I've lost service and only in one city.


    Any ideas?

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