Need corporate complaints email or contact number


    I need a need corporate complaints email or contact number.  I've spent over seven hours over eight separate phone calls (all with members of leadership Supervisor/Manager level) since 11/14/17 trying to resolve an issue and the issue is still not fixed.  This last call today 12/26/17 the Supervisor/Manager disconnected the call (I called from a land line) after waiting on hold for 20 minutes for a representative, another 10 minutes to be escalated to a leader and after a 5 minute discussion I was disco'd.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, kdenner18!


        Thanks for joining our Support Community to get answers on how your voice can be heard. It sounds like you have spent a great deal of time trying to get an issue sorted out with no luck so far. I'm sorry your call was disconnected; I'm sure that was frustrating. As far as filing a corporate complaint, we don't have the option of an email address due to it not being a secure platform. However, I recommend contacting T-Force. They're our social media team and primarily work via Facebook Messenger / Twitter Direct Messages. They have the ability to review your account to make sure appropriate feedback is given directly to the teams involved in the complaint. You can contact them by selecting the Facebook/Twitter icon in my signature or by going here.


        I know it sounds like you've had a tough time of it -- if you'd like to give us a few details about what's happening, we are more than happy to help! We can also try to point you in the right direction as far as what to ask for if the issue requires account access!

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        • barcodeable

          Company Information | Quick Facts About T-Mobile

          This Link May be helpful to you.

          I was unable to find a corporate email sorry, there may be corporate emails out there... when I find one i will let you know . In the meantime you should contact the T-Force team via Twitter, Facebook. They have successfully helped me with many of the issues I have had in the past. The best part, you are able to have a copy of your correspondence with them for your archival purposes.


          I actually did find some email addresses of the corporate T-Mobile players, I won't post them in this forum... but I would first give T-Force a try, and not seek corporate assistance without letting the lower level team a chance to fix your situation.

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          • tmo_marissa

            Hi, kdenner18. Even though we don't know the details about this situation, I can tell based on your post that it hasn't been the kind of experience we want to provide. Were you able to reach out to our T-Force team as Amanda recommended? Were we able to offer you some resolution there? Are there any general questions we can assist with?


            Please let us know how things are going and if there's anything we can do to help.


            - Marissa

            • tmo_marissa

              Howdy, kdenner18. Just wanted to touch base here and see if you'd had a chance to contact T-Force, or if you had any questions we could help answer for you. I hope things are going well, but please let us know if you need help!


              - Marissa