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Service => Screwup of BOGO


    First of all,

    I've been T-mobile customer(line) for past 3 years under my cousin's account.

    But my cousin is reluctant to change the plan - so I volunteered to create new T-mobile account.

    Also I brought in 4 other family members + 5 friends from AT&T to make 10 lines.

    Why 5 AT&T ready to move in this? Yes for good BOGO offer.

    Also it is for fair and good plan for unlimited.

    It all went after lot of hurdles to add lines and purchase phones.



    I was always ready to open with FULL payment or 99% down payment.

    Why i'm 99% down - BOGO offer is eligible only if EIP?

    Why the heck? I do NOT understand.



    After getting 10 lines into account and 10 phones since 12 noon PST.

    Lot of troubles and the order did NOT go thru - after hours and hours of customer care.

    Finally I narrowed down to know that my Last name spelling was incorrect in account.



    I had to run to nearby store @ 5:20 PM PST since physical ID verification required.

    They added and recommended that I get waiver of shipping charges if I place online.



    So, I tried placing order online- it did NOT go thru.

    Then customer care came online and ready to help - finally @ 7:47PM PST.

    But I STRONGLY feel the representative is less skilled.

    The representative promised to help but she ordered 2 lines at a time for 10.

    The rep hit first 1-n-2 with ZERO down and 3-n-4 with ZERO down and 5-n-6 with $x down.

    The rep promised to call back 8:20 to address for 7-8-9-10.

    But the rep just again pacified and promised to call back without definite time.

    The rep did NOT call back and made me to wait forever.



    Every customer care call was keep forwarded.. forwarded.. @ 9:30PM PST - the last rep said

    it - time already elapsed :(.



    Now all promises to the 9 lines along with me in trouble.

    We have to fight for 6 phones with 10 lines.

    Who caused this trouble?

    - Tmobile ONLINE software is NOT clean and helpful

    - Tmobile representative is NOT helpful

    - Tmobile plan mentioned the EIP as must criteria - why NOT this offer eligible for FULL payment



    It really sucks

    Please help.

    The other solution is to dissolve this group and let the 5 lines on AT&T to go without porting.

    But I cannot go back. I put forward close to 48+ hours effort to pool in.

    I will NOT give up.

    T-mobile will get the service for 10 lines and continue just like my previous cousin's account

    (10 lines for 3+ years under 0673-primary - now with 8 lines since myself and one more moved out)


    I wish T-mobile comes back and resolve.

    Infact tried with chat as well for past 2 hrs - all are BS and screwup - decided to move on..

    Share your hell experience!

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      • snn555

        Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO - c**p support

        I can only speak to the reason why EIP is required versus a straight payout.


        TMobile wants your service for 2 years minimum. If you straight pay out on A device then you could theoretically Port out again. This way you stay 24 months and TMobile recoups some money from the service.


        It's a 2 year contract without an ETF, so to speak. If you cancel before 24 months you owe what's left unpaid and forfeit the savings.

          • narasimhancts

            Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO - c**p support

            True. As an add-on I was with T-Mobile for 36months since dec 2014. There may few forfeit n move on right after rebate card. But here we are full team with full commitment n T-Mobile is ill-equipped to see the value on this bulk plan. People stick together stays together seeing effective saving. Now it becomes questionable since T-Mobile not helping n new att to T-Mobile lines are worried   


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          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

            Welcome, narasimhancts. Thanks for joining our Community! It sounds like your experience ordering equipment could have gone more smoothly across the board -- I'm sorry it was such a difficult one! I know it's been a few days since your post, but I wanted to check in with you and see how things are going. In your post it seemed you had run out of energy (I don't blame you) but also that you were intending to contact a support team with account access to see if there was a way to resole this -- have you had a chance to reach out to our Care or T-Force team? If so, how did it go?


            - Marissa

            • narasimhancts

              Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

              Thanks Marissa for stepping in and trying to resolve this.


              Still my concern is NOT completely resolved.

              I again followed-up over phone on 26th Dec 2017.

              After talking few of calls and holds and hops around - finally I got to ask for supervisor of tele-support rep.


              A supervisor named - Olivia from T-mobile finally agreed that it is system/process mistake from T-mobile after long talk.

              She is working with us to get our issue resolved.

              She promised over phone that we will be honored with BOGO offer since this is mistake from Tmobile.

              We will proceed with ordering of 4 phones + maintaining the account as actually planned (without terminating).

              This will happen if and only if we are offered with BOGO offer in written communication.


              As you know we already went through this big hassle of follow-up.




                • narasimhancts

                  Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

                  Hi Marissa,


                  I assume you are on top of this. I called up customer care to connect with Olivia (53233)  yesterday and today. the customer care sent her note to connect with me. I am waiting for her call and canceled my plans of going out. Unfortunately, I couldn't able to take her call yesterday afternoon. could you please take lead on this and help me to resolve this issue. I am liable to many people who trusted me to come to Tmobile believing to get the phone in BOGO offer. I want to close this issue and do want to order the phones by tomorrow itself.




                    • tmo_marissa

                      Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

                      Hi, narasimhancts. Thank you for the updates! I'm sorry to disappoint -- our Community is a public user forum, so we don't have a way to securely access accounts and make changes from here. This means that we're not able to work individual account concerns -- our Care teams would need to resolve this. Did you hear back from the member of management whose call you missed yesterday? I'm relieved to read that someone is owning this for you -- I know that getting back in touch might not be the easiest, but it does sound like she intends to make sure that this is taken care of!


                      - Marissa

                      • tmo_marissa

                        Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

                        Hey there! Just wanted to check in here -- were you able to speak with the supervisor you were trying to get in touch with?


                        - Marissa

                    • narasimhancts

                      Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

                      Hi Marissa,


                      Still my issue is NOT resolved.

                      Unfortunately I missed the call from Olivia (Supervisor) since I was at gym.


                      Now the issue(s) got worse:

                      1) One of the existing 6 phone order is incorrectly done by rep - iphone 8 instead of iphone 8plus

                      2) Also the way the 6 phones ordered are with incorrect map - which worries BOGO though we have 5 existing lines and 5 additional.

                      - Phone purchased are EIP mapped to 5 existing + 1 additional

                      3) Disappointment on 4 additional lines order - which was NOT allowed or honored


                      This needs solution w/ proper appointment fixed instead of randomly waiting for call.

                      We have NOT opened the boxes till though we received the phones.




                        • tmo_marissa

                          Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

                          Oh no! What a way to start the New Year!
                          Please reach out to our T-Force team through Twitter/Facebook. If you're already logged in to either of those services, you just need to click on one of the links in my badge to reach them. Through DM on Twitter or the Message function on Facebook we'll be able to verify your account securely and see what we need to do to straighten this out. That way you have the benefit of interacting online, which seems to be more convenient for you (and I think it's safe to say is a convenient option for most of us these days) as well as message continuity. 

                        • narasimhancts

                          Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

                          Thanks Marissa for follow-up / response.

                          We are NOT getting anywhere to fruitful positive ending.

                          We want one thing - complete solution - no compromise to keep every line on this family account to be happy.


                          - One Senior/Supervisor Name, TmobileID for reference, email and direct line to connect

                          - One ID to track this issue


                          This can reach me over my email (or) voice mail to my phone number.


                          I believe I have waited enough - followed up too much - now only choice left with solution without any hiccup.

                          Please close this soon.



                          *edited to remove personal information - Marissa

                            • tmo_marissa

                              Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

                              Thank you for staying so engaged here. I removed your email address from your reply, since this is a public forum. Did you have a chance to reach out to our T-Force team? Whether you choose to contact them through Twitter or Facebook, the benefit of that method of communication is that a specialist can see your account and that you can continue to return to that same message thread -- although I don't believe it would be assigned a "Case ID", it would provide the benefit of having all interactions in one place for you to view and review! I completely understand your desire for single ownership of the resolution; I was optimistic that the manager you'd spoken to previously was taking care of that level of ownership for you. Since we're not able to securely verify your account or make changes from this Community forum I can't see what's happening personally, but we want you to get the assistance you deserve. Please let me know what they've said!


                              - Marissa

                                • narasimhancts

                                  Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

                                  Thanks Mariassa for the follow-up.


                                  I'm totally DISAPPOINTED with the response for customer care team + sales/rebate team.

                                  Same story - same response - for past 1.5 hours.


                                  With lot more dejection and disappointment, I'm requesting someone from your senior team to take up and follow-thru this to closure.

                                    • tmo_marissa

                                      Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

                                      Oh yikes, narasimhancts. That's far too long to spend on the phone!


                                      We don't handle accounts directly in this channel -- it's a public user forum intended primarily for customer-to-customer interaction. I know you've spoken with Customer Care, but for online support we recommend our T-Force team. They're able to verify accounts and take a look at the situation and notes and follow through with a resolution as needed. Please contact them on either Twitter or Facebook using the links in my badge below and let me know what they're able to advise you.

                                      • tmo_marissa

                                        Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

                                        Hi, narasimhancts. I'm going to send a private message your way -- please take a look in your inbox in a few moments. Thank you.

                                          • narasimhancts

                                            Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

                                            Thanks to Marissa and the T-force team which came forward and took the necessary steps to resolve this issue.

                                            I'm so glad that T-mobile is been my favorite and continues to be and my 3 groups - each having 8-10 lines!!


                                            Status on my issue: It is almost resolved and they have processed my EIP orders and they are in process of approving my rebate request.


                                            I'm waiting for the moment to spread the world that "T-mobile always been supportive and kept upto to the words".

                                            Stay tuned!!

                                    • narasimhancts

                                      Re: Service => Screwup of BOGO

                                      Things are NOT going good at this moment!

                                      Waiting with lot of hopes and fingers crossed!!!


                                      tmo_marissa Can you please help on it?