Unable to turn off roadside assitance


    I have tried to disable roadside assitance

    - using the app (option doesnt exist)

    - called Allstate (tried both option 2 (Allstate support) and also option 3 (directed to t-mo support)

    - called 611/ t-mo

    - also tried calling mojio and complained


    No luck whatsoever... Just plain stupid user interface and experience. You can opt in but not opt out???


    Anyone been able to opt out? I really dont want that free service

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      • snn555

        Re: Unable to turn off roadside assitance

        If it is a free service then why not just not use that free service and use another service such as roadside assistance included in your automotive insurance plan?

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey there, magenta2045032! This is a good question -- nothing in our support documents lists a way to cancel on our side and directs users to reach out to AllState, and the Allstate/T-Mobile/SyncUp page here: Allstate Roadside Service Terms and Conditions  says that you should simply be able to contact AllState to cancel the service at any time. Have you referenced that page while reaching out to AllState? Are you seeing notifications that can't be disabled? Can you describe a bit more about what's happening that's making you want to disable the service? I'm happy to dig in and see if we can drum up some more details or recognize a gap if there is one, but would love to have all the information I can so that we can paint a clear picture when reaching out. Thank you!


          - Marissa