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    Hello. I have had a prepaid T-mobile phone for about seven years now and it has just started to not allow me to make a call out. I'm still able to access the internet and text message, but when I dial out the other persons phone rings and all I get is dead air. I went to purchase a new phone, but everything has now changed to Simple Mobile. I bought a new phone, but it won't recognize the SIM card from my old phone. I don't want to have to change my number or my current plan as I'm happy with it, but I just want a phone that works. Is this issue because T-Mobile and Simple Mobile are different? I've contacted Simple Mobile and they are unable to find an account with my phone number, SIM card or email address. Any help is appreciated as I'm going to be traveling soon and would like a working phone when I go. Thanks.

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      • snn555

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        Perhaps you went to an authorized or third-party prepaid service provider because Simple Mobile is not TMobile.  Maybe that store changed its name or changed the services it provided. I would suggest going to an actual T-Mobile store and getting a SIM card.  This might also explain why they could not find your account.