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How does TMobile get away with false advertising?


    I am sitting at work with supposedly bars of LTE, however nothing is downloading. It takes 2 minutes and 15 refreshes to send 1 direct message. This is constant and reliable service quality from Tmobile. Only other TMobile users that I know suiffer from such poor quality

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, dmelchor! This definitely doesn't sound like a situation that's helping you get through your work day comfortably.
        I remembered your user name and found your previous post here: T Mobile coverage. I'm sorry that we never heard back from you there, but we'd definitely still like to help! Amanda asked some great questions to gather some details about your experience. I'm going to repost them here -- when you have a moment, we'd love to know more about what's going on so that we can try to get to the bottom of this.


        • what type of phone are you using?
        • how long has this been going on?
        • can you share the zip code of where you usually experience this?
        • do you know if any other T-Mobile users have the same issue with no LTE (in the same location)?


        Thank you!

        • dkmelchor


          2. Since my first day of service, but I now get anxiety from how frustrating it is to NEVER be able to load any 30 second clips on social media. Or 5 minutes to send 2 lines of text in a direct message. I have been trying to download a 50mb app FOR 1 HOUR.

          3. You mean zip codeS; 92373, 92369, 92346, 92350, 92354, 92357. I seriously have to put my phone in airplane mode and off real quick when going through certain intersections because it will go to NO SERVICE and then not reconnect for 10-15 minutes.

          4. Yes, all T Mobile users in the zip codes I mentioned have this experience. T Mobile is a joke. ME: "Damn I have no signal" Them: "You must have TMobile" ME: "Call you back I'm driving through Highland my call is going to drop" Them: "What is this the 90s?"


          p.s. Why is live chat support NEVER available?

            • theartiszan

              Do you know which model iPhone 5s is it that you have? What it sounds like is you only get e coverage and not lte.

              • tmo_marissa

                Thanks for those answers! First, please know that we ask for your device type so that we can check band compatibility for the area (ZIP) that you've provided -- not to encourage an upgrade, but to see what realistic expectations are for service based on how the equipment would work with the network where you're located according to our internal maps. We're not angling to encourage an upgrade unless a lack of compatibility would be resolved with newer equipment that could offer a wider range of connectivity -- I don't think that's the case here, necessarily. A Band 12 (700 MHz) device would help but it isn't an imperative.


                92373 - strongest LTE in much of this area is 700 MHz, which the 5S isn't able to pick up, but it does look like modernization was just completed to add LTE via L1900 to one of the towers here. That project shows a completion date of 12/15 -- have you noticed any difference?

                92369 & 92346 - in some parts of this area, 700 MHz is strongest, but again 2100/1900 are available and there are projects scheduled to add L1900 to two towers in 92346 as well, with completion dates at the end of the month/early in the new year, so hopefully that should improve matters here!

                92350 - all three LTE bands show as available on our map in this area; I don't see any scheduled work in this ZIP.

                92354 - same situation as mentioned previously -- 700 MHz would help, but there is modernization scheduled with a projected on-air date at the beginning of the year to add L1900 to a tower here.

                92357 - see previous; results show the same three bands but with scheduled addition of L1900 to the Loma Linda location in 92354 mentioned above.


                TL;DR - I would imagine that this area has struggled with some congestion based on the number of planned additions I see clicking through the map in these ZIP codes. Not that I'm asking you to force yourself into night-owlishness, but I'm curious whether you've had the chance to test the signal issues in the late evening/early morning and see if the speeds improve at all. Overall, we do have user-verified coverage in these areas and planned improvements that will hopefully help out *sooner* rather than later.


                One thing I noticed is that there wasn't any recent history of service inquiries in these areas that I could find. Have you ever had the opportunity to work with our tech team to provide details on these intersections or areas where you lose signal completely? Also, I know wait times are a little longer than usual right now for the Message Us service -- if you're logged into MyT-Mobile and clicking Message Us from the Contact page, once you start a conversation in the window you should see a script giving you a heads up about the wait time.


                - Marissa

              • dkmelchor

                ME325LL/A. This phone should be beyond capable of receiving LTE signal. Therefore yes TMobile LTE coverage maps are false

                  • snn555

                    If you have had this problem since day one I can't help but wonder why you have stuck with T-Mobile. Perhaps another carrier would be more beneficial to you. I'm not trying to sway you away from being a T-Mobile customer obviously but you need to do what's best for you.


                    Sometimes new technology needs a new device for it to work properly technology does evolve constantly. The 5S is already several years old and so is the technology that uses.

                  • tmo_amanda

                    Hey, dkmelchor!


                    I just wanted to swing by to see if you've had a chance to look over Marissa's reply. She was able to dig into the coverage areas with the zip codes you provided and give you a better picture of why you may be having issues. As she mentioned in her reply, there have been no recent service requests filed with Tech Support. When is the last time you talked with Tech Support regarding the signal in the areas you listed? Was a ticket filed on your behalf? If so, do you have that ticket number handy so we can check it out?


                    Please let us know if you have any additional questions after reading over the recent replies.

                    • tmo_marissa

                      Hi there, dkmelchor! Just wanted to touch base here again and see how things are going for you. I know the thread's had a little bit of activity, so I hope we're not spamming your inbox -- but if you do happen to have a ticket filed and would like for us to check on it, then we're happy to look it up if you don't mind providing the ticket number! Hope your last day of 2017 is going well; please know we're here to help if you have any questions. Thank you!


                      - Marissa