Surprise ruined bc texts were going to my daughters phone and not master phone on my account!! ??? why


    So i order a phone for my daughter's 16th birthday, its the only thing I am getting her and she needs an upgrade bc she is still on a Apple 5c, I am so so very upset, i work so hard and couldnt afford to buy her a phone (or a different gift for that matter) so i finance an Apple 8, to add on to my already high phone bill only for TMOBILE TO CONTINUALLY SEND HER TEXT MESSAGE THAT HER PHONE IS ONE THE WAY AND THAT IT HAS BEEN DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Thanks alot T-Mobile - completely RUINED my surprise and only thing i got her.   WHY in the world dont those message come to the master phone on the account??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Every phone bill for the next 2 years will be a constant reminder to this ruined surprise.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Oh, no, magenta3603565. What a poor turn for your carefully planned birthday surprise -- I'm so sorry. It's an incredible gift, and a huge upgrade from her existing device. She sounds like an awesome kiddo!


        The automated messages do go to the line being upgraded rather than the primary account holder -- this is by design, as we have many customers who are on family plans that don't reside in the same home or area as the other members of their family, and this way the person who needs to pick the device up or make sure to snag it from the porch gets the notifications to keep them up to date.


        That said, we do have options to switch the messages to an alternate line. It's a shame that we didn't discuss this with you, this time of year it's a best practice to bring this up by default as we have many customers ordering gifts for others as surprises. It sounds like we could do a better job of making sure we're bearing that in mind and offering the option to switch the messaging to another line.


        I know that we can't change what's happened here, but we do appreciate the time you've taken to share your experience with our community so that we can forward this feedback. I hope your daughter loves her new phone, despite the missing surprise element, and that she has a fantastic birthday.


        - Marissa