Bogo promotion denied even though everything is right with my request


    I purchased 2 iPhones on 12/24/17 under BOGO promotion from Tmobile store. I paid the down payment. To add a new line as a part of this promotion, I requested to port a number from other service provider. In the store the request to port was showing that it was in 'reserved' status. I submitted my promotion request to get the rebate on the same day(12/24). On 12/26, I called t-mobile to cancel my request to port the number as it was not going through.

    During the call the rep told me that my request for BOGO promotion is denied. I checked the status online and the status showed "Invalid purchase date". The representative told me that everything is right with my request and transferred me to the promotions department. The rep from promotions department told me that their is some problem in t-mobile system as it is showing incorrect purchase date, however the purchase date falls well under the promo period. She was not able to put an override in the system but assured me that she will call me after 30 days to put a manual override. I asked to give me some written confirmation but she refused saying she has no means of doing that. I am thinking to return the phones but t-mobile will charge me $100 to return. I am not at fault in this whole scenario. What should I do?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Welcome, m3ajak6, and thanks for posting! Though we can't see your account from this forum to double check, it sounds like this is an honest to goodness system error. Even if you didn't complete the port, as long as an additional line was added with its own number and that new line is still active on your account (and was not canceled when the port was canceled) it seems like that qualification would be met. Your purchase date seems totally fine, since the dates for the purchase were 12/21 - 12/24. I do know from experience when I worked on an escalation team with account access that if there's an error with the system, we have to wait until the promo is denied to submit an override, so that timeline rings true to me as well.

        When all is said and done, it sounds like the promotions team has every intention of making it right in the end. But if you're looking for confirmation that this has been notated in your account, your best bet is to reach out to a team who can securely verify your account information and take a look at the memos. We don't have a safe platform to do that here; but I totally get the convenience of reaching out online. Our T-Force team on social media (Twitter and FB) do have the ability to gather your phone number and PW or PIN safely and can let you know what they see. I would recommend contacting them ASAP -- since there's some legwork that needs to be done here we want you to have the confidence that it's being taken care of!

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        • ohaq

          I just found out my BOGO offer was denied too.  The worst part is nobody at T-Mobile notified me.  I purchased my app phones on December 23 and solely switched to T-Mobile For this promotion.  Not sure at this point if T-Mobile screwed me or made a mistake but very disappointed on not even contacting me.