Pixel 2 Promotional Rebate DENIED!



    Back in October, I read that T-Mobile was offering a $325 promotional rebate for switching over and activating a Pixel 2.  This seemed like a really good deal so I went ahead and ordered a Pixel 2 XL and walked into a T-Mobile store to make the switch.  Everything went smoothly and afterwards the T-Mobile representative told me I was all set.  I asked again to make sure that I would be receiving the rebate.  The T-Mobile assured me that I was good to go and all I needed to do was wait for the rebate in the mail in 8 weeks or so.  As of today, I have not received anything from T-Mobile so I decided to reach out and check on the status via chat.  The representative told me that she did not see any submission for a rebate which immediately raised a red flag for me since the rep. at the store did not mention anything about a submission.  The chat rep. got me connected with a rebate department to try and get this resolved.  The rebate rep. checked her system and confirmed that there was no submission for a rebate on my account.  I explained that this is the first time I'm even hearing about having to submit anything.  I was told at the store that I was all set and all that was left was to wait for the rebate in the mail.  She said she understood but that she does not have the ability or authority to submit a request or do anything on her end since the promotion had expired.  What can I do from here?  This is very upsetting to find out that I will not be receiving a rebate since this was the only reason that got me to switch to T-Mobile to begin with.

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