BOGO Dilemma


    Currently my wife and I are on a plan. We want to use T-Mobile's BOGO Iphone deal that starts tomorrow.


    However, the line we want to add in order to qualify for the BOGO deal is for my grandmother, who doesn't need/want a newer phone. She wants to use the iphone 6 plus I am currently using. However, the line that you add needs to be tied to one of the new phones.


    So what I am wondering is how do I qualify for the bogo deal, but make it so my grandmother (who is getting the new line) gets my current iphone 6s and my wife and I get the new phones? My grandmother is a bit afraid of technology and wants something older and wants us to have the newer phones.


    Any ideas of how to make this work? Can we transfer numbers in any way that you know of? Or what are my options?

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      • tidbits

        Re: BOGO Dilemma

        a transfer of responsibility is not adding a new line just in case you are thinking of doing that.  A lot of people thought it would but it's not adding a line because the line already exists.


        You can switch the phones around and that's not a problem.  All you need to do it is make sure when you add the line one of those phone purchased is turned on with the sim card on that line and the EIP associated with that line is there.

          • rvolk

            Re: BOGO Dilemma

            I don't know what a transfer of responsibility is.


            We are going to be opening up a new line on our phone. Getting a whole new number for her, which from what I understand allows us to qualify for Bogo deal.


            So if I activate the new phone with her new line, you are saying I could just switch the simcards right after? Like the same day?

              • tidbits

                Re: BOGO Dilemma

                Transfer of responsibility is if your mom has her own like with T-Mobile and you take it from her and add it to your plan.


                Yes you can.  I do that all the time with my wife when she wants to upgrade and there's a BOGO.  I add a line specifically for it I get one for myself and they give her the BOGO.