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    Hope all of you are well - a very Happy upcoming Holiday season.

    I have a quick question regarding the T Mobile Holiday BOGO deals. I am currently on the BIZ SC UNL TT+D 4 lines incl Plan and was wondering if I should go ahead and buy two phones to take advantage of the BOGO deal after adding a new line (I might have to shut down 1 line as out plan is at max and then open a new line). I put the entire scenario infront of a a Business Customer Service rep and after verifying the account - he said yes you are eligible - go ahead and add a line in a store or through the CS on the phone and buy the phones too.


    I have been reading horror stories in the community forums here about people being misled and getting their rebates denied because somehow their plans did not qualify. The CS rep said that the only stipulation on the business plans for the BOGO offer was Business Postpaid plan and adding a line. No needs of any plan upgrading or anything of that sort was necessary according to him.


    Can someone please confirm that this is the case? I wanted to do my due diligence before placing the order so I don't have to pay full price on two phones and then get stuck without the rebate.


    I hope you guys understand my concern. I willing to talk to any community rep  to make sure I am on the right track as far as the rules are concerned.



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Samsung Holiday BOGO

        Welcome, sj2016, and Happy Holidays to you! I'm glad you stopped by to ask your question -- the answer's a little complicated, so bear with me!

        To participate in the 2017 Q4 Magenta Samsung BOGO Offer, you need to be a postpaid or T-Mobile for Business customer on a T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice plan with Unlimited high speed data. This kind of data plan is part of T-Mobile ONE, but for a grandfathered Simple Choice plan like yours, that type of data plan would be an additional feature. I double checked the list of plans included, and while there are business plans there; the one that you're currently on isn't among them. The Simple Choice for Business 4 Lines for $100/$140 plan that you have would have come with either 2.5 GB or 4.5 GB of data per line, and I don't think there's an unlimited high speed option, so on this particular plan, you wouldn't qualify for the BOGO since you'd need to have unlimited high speed data on both the existing and the new line to be eligible.


        I know you mentioned removing a line and adding one -- regrettably, our system won't recognize a change like this as satisfying the requirement to add a line. That said, if you're thinking of changing your plan in order to qualify for the BOGO, then you would no longer be limited to four lines, so this wouldn't be an issue -- you could add the fifth to qualify.


        I know that the grandfathered plan you have is a great rate -- and if it's working for you, then the price shift to a newer rate plan might not make this promo the best option. I'm sorry that we gave you incorrect information over the phone; but I'm really glad that you reached out here to double check. Please let me know if you have any other questions -- while we can't access your account here to double check specifics, the info that you gave was enough for me to be able to look up the code and check it against our list. We're super happy to provide any other general info as well!