On 9/11/17 my husband & I went to a T-Mobile store to switch from AT&T to T-Mobile. At that time there were several promotions being offered, including the trade up offer that consisted of a $300 reward for trading in an iPhone 5 and purchasing an iPhone 7. We had an iPhone 5c & an iPhone 5s, which we opted to trade at that time, and got a new iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 plus with our new plan. We received an immediate credit for $18 & $36 at the time of sale & then the rep/store manager told us we would receive the remainder of the $300 offer ($282 & $264) by way of prepaid Visa gift card in the mail. He also told us, more than once, that he would take care of the submission for the trade up so that it was processed & sent to us. Not once did he ever indicate that there was anything we needed to do on our end, nor were we given any means or information to do so. He told us it would take up to 8 weeks to receive the prepaid Visa gift cards. We took his word for it  & left it in his hands because as far as we knew, that was protocol.


    After nearly 8 weeks of not hearing anything, I began to inquire about the cards. I was directed to the promotions website where you can check the status of your "rewards", however, there was nothing there. So I asked a few times via chat & email, & no one seemed to know what I was talking about. Then we were concerned and starting to get frustrated, so we came back to the store. The first manager rep wasn't there so we spoke with another manager that was on, who made a call to "Brad", to whom he claimed to have sent an email to with the information. Brad was suppose to get back to this manager when everything had been approved, and then the manager was going to call & confirm with us. I called twice & he was still waiting to hear from "Brad." I guess he never heard from him & we have not heard back from the manager, & now we're starting to feel screwed over, blown off, ignored & like T-Mobile is trying to get out of the promotional reward that we were promised. I have also attempted to contact the first manager/rep multiple times, he is not responding. We were also told by someone at T-Mobile that we could not trade up because we did a Carrier Freedom promotion at the time as well (paid off a phone at AT&T), however, we were NEVER told that, and they had no problem taking our iPhones, applying a small immediate credit for them, and promising us a prepaid card for the rest.


    So obviously this promotion is expired now and no one wants to take responsibility for this issue. Unfortunately, too little too late we found a warning online stating that T-Mobile reps were promising to submit trade up offers for customers & then not doing it. We trusted this manager/rep with this task and are now feeling like he would have said/done anything to get the switch done. We NEVER would have given our iPhones over for $18 & $36! We could have donated them and received a tax write off for more than that! I regret switching. Next step is formal complaints with BBB and Attorney General.

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        Re: Scammed!

        Oh, no, magenta2876099! I can't imagine expecting to log in to check the status of your promotion redemption only to find that it hadn't been applied at all -- I'm so sorry that this happened. This is absolutely not the welcome we want for a new customer at all. The fact that you've been reaching out to our team at the store where you initiated service and haven't been adequately assisted just makes matters worse.
        It's true that some promotions aren't stackable, but I understand that you weren't advised of this issue at the time. Since our Community is a public user forum, we don't have the ability to securely verify your account and take a look at the situation, but we'd definitely like to have you reach out and see what opportunities we have to remedy this. I know you mentioned pursuing a resolution elsewhere, but I hope we can help you before it comes to that.

        If interacting online is preferable for you, our T-Force teams on Twitter and Facebook do have the ability to authenticate your account so that we can take a look and see what's happened here. You can contact T-Force on Twitter by reaching out to @tmobilehelp, or on Facebook by visiting the T-Mobile FB page and hitting the "Message" button.  Although it's tough to say for sure without reviewing the circumstances, there may be an escalation process we can employ to resolve this issue, especially since your trade-ins were completed!

        Thanks for taking the time to post about your experience here, and for all of the effort that you've put into this matter. We absolutely don't want you to regret making the switch -- I hope you'll give us a shot at getting to the bottom of this!


        - Marissa