Last IMEI digit is wrong in account information online


    Just a warning that the IMEI listed for all my phones ends in a zero.  The real IMEI has a different number there.  It seems that the t-mobile website at some point treats the IMEI as a number and it gets truncated before displaying it.  So, if you look in your device unlock status and tell that IMEI number to customer service to unlock, they cannot do it, since it is an invalid IMEI.   Not a question, just a warning.  T-mobile should fix it too.

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      • tmo_marissa

        This is a great call-out, and you're 100% correct. Your full IMEI will be displayed on the device itself by pressing *#06# -- and in many cases, if you're financing the device on an installment plan, you can also check that last digit by logging in to MyTMO and going to BILLING > Bill Details > Installment Plans and hitting the plus sign to drop down the details for the line and device in question. Other than that, though, the last digit of the IMEI is dummied out in the system (both online and in our internal system where it reflects the device in use) for security purposes, so we should always be asking for customers to run the code or check their device details to provide an IMEI, rather than pulling it from our usage stats or having them read it off from the site. Thanks for posting about this, and I'm sorry to read that we didn't follow this protocol when walking through submitting your unlock request -- I'm sure that added an unnecessary wait and extra steps to getting your unlock completed!


        - Marissa


        *edited 12/20 to correct the short code for checking a device's IMEI after feedback from kwas156

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