Samsung Note 8 BOGO Customer Rep Scam


    My wife and I decided to participate in the BOGO for the Note 8 back in October.  We both were on the line with a customer rep and he basically told us we had to activate a new line and purchase the first Note 8 using that line and in a couple of weeks we would get the Mastercard to purchase the other Note 8.  This is completely misleading and missing information on behalf of the customer representative.  We waited till now, which is over 2 months, and followed up regarding our rebate card.  The customer representatives I'm talking to now indicated that:


    1. I need to switch over from my T-Mobile One TE to T-Mobile One TI


    (which I just did)


    2. In addition to activating a new line, we needed to have purchase another Note 8 on an existing line within the same account back in October


    (which the customer rep did NOT mention)


    3. Needed to take advantage of the BOGO in October


    (since it has been 2 months, I no longer qualify for it)


    This is EXTREMELY frustrating considering the customer rep did not mention any of the steps that would be involved in getting the BOGO promotion.  Now I am left with a open line and a monthly payment amount for a Note 8.  T-Mobile, overall, seems to be doing this type of very misleading/shady business in getting people in the door only for them to find out that they are not getting what they are promised.  Now, I have to cancel the new line I am paying for to get the Note 8 and pay off the rest of the balance for the device.  This is all due to VERY POOR customer service on behalf of T-Mobile. If we were fully explained on the steps for the BOGO promotion, we probably wouldn't have done it in the first place.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Samsung Note 8 BOGO Customer Rep Scam

        Oh man that's rough. I'm terribly sorry to hear that we weren't clear with how to redeem the offer the first time we with spoke with you. Just for future reference, our BOGO offers always require that you purchase a device and the second device would be free after the rebate. We do keep a list of the terms and how to redeem these kinds of offers and their requirements here on the site too. As you've already mentioned, this promo is over but you can find the terms on our Recently expired rebates page. I completely understand that this doesn't make up for the first time you called, but I wanted to give you a place here to reference this and other future offers. My apologies again for us not being clear enough on this offer. I do appreciate you coming here to tell us what happened.