ID account was hacked and so is my bank account.


    Just searched through the discussion and found I was not the only one.

    Why T-Mobile did not do something?


    On 12/16/2017, someone added a line to my family plan, and then all my existing 3 lines lost services, except data.

    I did not get any notice/alert from T-Mobile about this activity.


    Then few min later, this person used the new line to get access to my bank account and wire money out.


    On 12/17/2017,

    1. Made multiple calls, customer service just kept saying they will file fraud alert.

        But they can not suspend the new line added, pending fraud investigation, what the F is this?

        Nor can the customer service help on restoring the 3 de-funct lines back to work, just kept asking me to reboot the phone.


    2. Dropped by a T-Mobile store after spending hours on the phone.

        Store told me to bring the phones in and get new SIM....

        So T-Mobile knows something about this....I suspect.


    I felt I was betrayed by T-mobile and I lost $7.5K that I will have to spend months on legal to see if I can recover.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Oh, goodness! This sounds like a nightmare. I'm so glad that you reached out and that a fraud investigation was launched -- those are definitely the correct steps to have taken and the right start to getting this fixed. I know that the wait is frustrating, but once our internal team has a chance to review the matter they'll address the situation. This can take up to three business days, at which point the representative you worked with today should be reaching back out to you to advise you of the investigation's results and what next steps are being taken.


        Regarding getting your existing lines working again, that's a matter that I don't see why we can't address immediately! We don't have account access in this customer forum, but our T-Force team may be able to help here. If you can reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook, we can verify your account in those channels and see what's happening here. I'm trying to think of a reason why we'd advise you to reboot the device -- when lines are suspended it can take up to two hours for the system to complete resuming them; but since we can't review the account with you from here we can't confirm that this is what's going on! Another possibility, based on what you've mentioned about what our store advised, might be that the person who gained access to your account swapped out SIM cards on your lines. If that's the case then there are specific steps we can take to resolve this type of fraud, and I'm very sorry if we weren't able to assist when you called, but our T-Force team should know exactly what to do.


        I know that this is the weekend, but I hope you've had the chance to reach out to your financial institution so that they can secure your account and launch an investigation of their own! I can't begin to imagine how stressful this situation is, but for our part I know we'll do whatever we can to get to the bottom of it -- I'm sorry that we have to ask for some time to launch and complete the investigation. In the meantime I sincerely hope you'll contact T-Force and see what we can do or what steps we've already taken to get these lines working for you ASAP. I wish we could offer more assistance here but I truly appreciate the time you've taken to post about your concern.


        - Marissa