Iphone X Jump On Demand


    Still trying to find confirmation on the Jump On Demand Pricing for the 64gb iPhone X.


    I called a store and they said it was 279.99 no matter what but I've been seeing around that is for the EIP and the Jump On Demand is 0 Down or 279.99 down. I just want confirmation.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Iphone X Jump On Demand

        Hey, guitarjockey! The down payment due for the iPhone X on JOD varies by account, which is why you're hearing two possibilities mentioned. To get the best idea of what the pricing will be for you, you'd want to Contact Us and work with a team with account access. We can securely verify your info and walk through the upgrade to check your up front pricing over the phone or with our T-Force team on FB or Twitter. Thank you for asking, and sorry for any confusion!


        - Marissa