Where is my carrier freedom reimbursement?!?


    My boyfriend and I both switched from verizon to T-mobile back in July and after receiving our final bill, entered all of the information back in August to receive our device reimbursement. It has now been 4 months when it said that it would take UP to 8 weeks. Online it says that our submission has been accepted, but nothing. I’ve called multiple times, each time getting transferred to 10 different people with no one being able to tell me why I haven’t received my reimbursement. They just say keep calling back. No progress, no cards, no answers. I am starting to believe that this is all just a giant scam.

    Please someone give me answers. One of the 10 people I talked to on the phone says that I entered everything in correctly, so I know it’s not that. I’m losing my patience.

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      • magenta3560131

        This is crazy. I can't believe no one has responded to you yet.

        • tmo_marissa

          Eek! My patience would be running thin, too! This process is definitely not intended to take half a year!
          Our Care teams can look over the account to get an idea of whether the basics are covered, but aren't able to review the submissions themselves or reissue cards or virtual cards -- however, our Reimbursement team can!
          Can you please reach out to them directly by dialing 1-888-390-6867 and following these prompts to reach an agent:

          1. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
          2. Press 3.
          3. Press 1.
          4. Press 1.

          We're super glad that you switched and we don't want you to miss out on this reimbursement!

            • araignee

              I appreciate you trying to help, but this is the exact number that I have called before with the same prompts where I was then transferred to 10 different agents and then told in the end that they didn't know why I wasn't reimbursed and to simply keep waiting.

                • hamsahaljanabi

                  I finally got an agent and when he and I were speaking he said I needed the

                  bill to look a certain way and if I didn’t have it how they need to see it,

                  it would be rejected and there’s no fixing it or resubmitting option. This

                  is more of a hassle than a day at work... at least I’m getting paid at

                  work, here Im given one chance and if it doesn’t work oh looks like I have

                  be lose 900$ which I wouldn’t have lost if I knew this was going to be such

                  a battle, I would have just stayed with Verizon.

                    • tmo_chris

                      araignee I am terribly sorry I would recommend that you reach out to our T-Force team so we can further investigate this with you. You can reach T-Force using the Facebook or Twitter icons in my signature.


                      hamsahaljanabi The bill does have to have specific information displayed to qualify but the final bill you receive from your previous carrier should have all of this information. Once you submit the bill, you can contact the rebate team and they can check the submission to ensure all of the information is there

                        • hamsahaljanabi

                          Thanks..... problem is it will not allow me to upload anything when I was

                          in the 30 day window until now. So that’s not much use for me at this

                          point. All I do know is this is a bigger hassle than it’s worth between not

                          being able to upload, not getting a human to talk to until recently, and

                          now being put into collections for Verizon and the seemingly high chance

                          that I’ll have to eat this fricken cost because of it. I’d have been better

                          off paying more in my phone bill than dealing with this crap as if I have

                          nothing else to do with my days.

                            • tmo_chris

                              So it is allowing you to upload your bill now? If so, please get that uploaded as soon as you can and then contact the rebate team so they can verify all the information is there. The last thing we want is for you to not get the promotion that you were expecting to get when switching to us.

                                • hamsahaljanabi

                                  Nope. It is still not allowing me to upload. Is there an email I can send

                                  the bill to instead?

                                    • tmo_chris

                                      There is not an email address for bill submissions unfortunately What error are you getting when trying to upload the bill? I think the best course of action at this point given your situation, is to contact the rebate team and have they assist you with the upload process. It sounds like they are allowing you to submit the bill outside the normal time frame and there may be a specific process you need to follow. You can use the steps that @tmo_marissa posted to reach a live agent.

                                        • hamsahaljanabi

                                          Thank you! They were able to open it back up for me so I could submit the

                                          invoice. As of right now it is processing. For future customers would it be

                                          possible to post these prompts that @tmo_marrisa posted in the forum on the

                                          contact us or help portion when your on the switch2tmobile site so others

                                          wont end up being delayed and in a similar situation as me?


                                          I do appreciate your quick responses through this frustrating process. The

                                          rep i spoke with today was very helpful and we got my invoice uploaded

                                          within 5 min of getting on the call, the other day the person I spoke with

                                          was not very helpful and made me worry more than anything.

                                            • tmo_chris

                                              Awesome! I am glad they could get the ball rolling for you! As for the prompts, the automated system is actually super helpful as it helps users get the answers they need without having to talk to a live person. If there was not an automated system and all the calls went to a live rep, the hold times would be horrendous! Marissa only posted the exact steps to reach a live rep as she saw the need that the original posted had to speak with a live rep based on the situation.

                            • hamsahaljanabi

                              Big shock! So my husband and i also switched from verizon to tmobile, in doing this we were told they would pay off the phones, our phone balances were well under what the limits were. Now after months and months of calling because the fricken upload wouldnt work online and getting customer service to transfer me to nothing but automated messages, Verizon sent me to damn collections...... So i just had to the foot the fricken bill of $904 dollars since AGAIN no one is answering me and i keep getting automated messages, god for bid anyone actually use human contact anymore! When I signed up I was told tmobile would pay the bill now here we are and i highly doubt i will get any of this money back because im just the consumer and these companies trample over everyone of us! I am so pissed off at this point a lawsuit sounds like a real good idea!



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                              • foodstories2424

                                I have been trying since early December to get my Switch reimbursement.


                                The uploading process is like molasses (slow...although if I was sending them $ instead of asking for it, I'm pretty sure the upload would fly!). Ultimately each time I upload my final bill I get a "failure notice".


                                I went in person to the store 3 times and spoke on the phone numerous times. Once for more than an hour.


                                I believe they are trying to wear me out – that I will forget about the whole reimbursement eventually. I can't spend any more time on this. I have a job and a life.


                                Guess their strategy worked...

                                • magenta4079646

                                  I am in the same boat!!!! I switched over in October and the sales person at the store stated he would submit the reimbursement for me. Of course, I shouldn't have believed it. Months later I have not received a single communication about it and Sprint is still waiting for their $420. I cannot even tell you how many times I called and NO ONE IS WILLING TO HELP. I just keep getting transferred and told to call other numbers. This is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They finally gave me some email tmsolutions@yaengage.com where I sent my Sprint bill to but have not heard back yet. I don't know what else to do. Why are you treating your customers this way T-Mobile? I should have stayed with Sprint even if I paid a bit more. Thanks for making your customers jump through hoops to stay. The worst part is that the agents literally don't seem to care. It's sad.

                                  • dilesh29

                                    Re: Where is my carrier freedom reimbursement?!?

                                    I have been supplying everything and beyond they have asked for. Still haven't gotten my refund and tmobile claims they can't see much on their end even though I sent in all the necessary information through certified mail and have confirmation they received everything. Biggest scam.

                                    stay with Verizon or any other company.