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    I had Kickback on innocuously which has caused promos to fall off my account constantly over the time it has been active. It is compatible with very few promotions and the documentation for it is unclear. Something I would like to ask is how people would feel about having T-Mobile's system send a text message before removing a promotion that is not compatible and giving an option e.g. Accept promotion removal to allow Kickback to continue or Decline promotional removal by removing Kickback? A simple question like that could save people a lot of effort and save preferred promotions so Kickback doesn't kick off a nice promotion that customer service added without checking to see if it would get kicked off. A simple verification or option list to decide if Kickback or the new promotion is better suited to meet the individual needs of the customer. A customer service rep gave me hookup and also added, as a surprise, 4th line promo. But only the 4th line promo and not a 3rd line promo or anything like that. My 4th line promo was kicked off pretty quickly because Kickback was active. I was very disappointed. I would have rather get 50% off one line than have Kickback activated on every line. So, to review my official question. Would it be nifty to have a text message sent before Kickback automatically kills a promotion on your account and would give some suggestions for a course of action? A simple system question like would you rather have option A and continue having Kickback or option B deactivate Kickback to make the account compatible with a different promotion?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Kickback and Compatible promos

        This is some really good feedback, bradgrant! I'm not sure how complex this would be to add into the system on the back end, but it's definitely an idea worth passing on. Thank you for calling this out!


        - Marissa

          • bradgrant

            Re: Kickback and Compatible promos

            This could be a warning for any incompatible promotion too. Like something simple easy and just click an option or have Tmobile call you before. It's rare that people have issues with compatibility. But it's disappointing to have a promo completely removed without being able to add input before execution.

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