Daydream VR always tilted


    Hi a new Moto Z2 Force here. I've done all updates for the phone as of 12/16/17.  Whenver I am in Daydream VR with the phone in the Google Daydream headset (1st Gen), the image /horizon is tilted about 10 to 20 degrees to the left.   It's really annyoing when trying to do things in VR.  I have tried rebooting my phone multiple times with no change.  I tried an app called "Accelerator Calibration" to recalibrate and it did not help at all. Please not that the controller has been succesfully paired with the phone, and I have hit the "home" button in VR and held it for a few seconds to "reset " the view, and all that does is set the main scene directly in front of me, it does not get rid of the "tilt" sadly. I have attached a screenshot of what it looks like.


    Any help would be appreciated.  My only other option is to return the phone, assuming that one of the sensors is bad.


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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Daydream VR always tilted

        Wow, this is super odd magenta3549032.


        Short of resetting the device completely, I don't have another suggestion on how  to fix this. I'm curious if you've tested VR apps to see if the same "tilt" effect happens. As a last resort, this could be something worth running by Google to see if they have more insight on a solution for this.

          • magenta3549032

            Re: Daydream VR always tilted

            Thanks Mike for your response. I called Motorola support and they suggested doing a full system reset on the phone. I did that and it behaved exactly the same in the Google app as well as other VR type apps like the Discovery app. I'm pretty sure it would be a long time waiting for any kind of response from Google. So I'm not even going to waste my time with that. The Motorola people I talked to suggested that I send them my phone in they'll send me another one under warranty they presume that there is something wrong with one of the sensors or something.