Incompetence Reigns Supreme in TMO Customer Care!


    As a principle at a company who prides itself on fanatical customer service, I must say that I have yet to speak with a TMO CS rep who would remotely qualify to work at our company. Seriously, do you train these people to actually deliver COUNTERPRODUCTIVE customer service? Day after day, rep after rep, hour after hour spent on the phone, and we're literally NO closer to a solution -- or a remotely competent-sounding rep -- than when I first began. Enough with the endless apologies and hollow platitudes, please!


    Over a week ago I ordered a new line and SIM. I was supposed to receive the SIM before we left on our 60-day globe-hopping business whirlwind. I travel a LOT for work (both DL DM and United 1K in same year), flying over 300,000 in-seat miles annually. I ordered a new line and SIM for one of our fellow employees, only to have it never arrive. I spoke with Rachael (270950) this past Thursday to express my concern that my order had not yet shipped, based upon the USPS tracking number they provided with my order (USPS shows as having NOT received the package yet). I asked to speak to a supervisor since we were leaving Sunday for various destinations in Europe and Asia for the next 60+ days and we needed this phone operational, which required the SIM. Rachael assured me, in the most vociferous and absolute terms, that the new SIM would arrive no later than today -- Saturday, DEC 16. She reiterated her absolute certainty of its arrival multiple times, and even sent me a text message with her info as reassurance. I was a bit fearful, but her unequivocal guarantee assuaged some of that fear.


    Well... today... NOTHING (why am I surprised)! So, I call TMO again, speaking with "Nash" (279758) who said it was scheduled for delivery TODAY and I should be ready to receive it. He emailed me -- get this -- the SAME tracking number I've always had, that USPS shows has yet to be received by them. After another wasted 20 minutes online with "Nash" (whose name in his email was "John"), we're not one wit closer to resolution. Somehow, I was coincidentally disconnected. I've been firm, but cordial and professional with all of the CS reps -- and any recordings will confirm this.


    So, I call back, yet again, and speak with yet another barely-intelligible CS rep (does ANYONE at TMO speak English as their native language?!). I couldn't even understand her name, but her first words were a promise to "Make my day incredible!" Incredibly frustrating, as it would turn out. She was going to do me the favor of refunding the whopping $27.88  that I paid for the SIM -- well, shiver me timbers! It's an endless cavalcade of awe-inspiring support at TMO!


    So, here we are, flights booked and leaving tomorrow, with no new line / SIM for our new employee, and more time wasted.


    This is probably my 8-10th time dealing with TMO CS, and aside from one lone time I do believe every other experience has been actually counterproductive. Seriously, I'd rather have NO support than support that wastes my time and accomplishes less than nothing. I have to believe these are generally unqualified, low-skilled, low-pay individuals that couldn't make it anywhere else in this particular field of employment (save for perhaps Charter). It also seems as though they follow a poorly-scripted customer service routine of putting us on a treadmill and feeling like we're getting somewhere, only to get off at the same spot we hopped on.


    Upon our return, we will commence the laborious task of finding a replacement mobile provider for our company-wide communications.


    T-Mobile: You can get better, but you can't pay more!

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