Issue in IPhone 8 Plus Costco Nov2017 promotion




    We got IPhone 8 plus in (close to) a BOGO offer from Costco on November 18th 2017. We added two new lines to one of the existing T-mobile one family plan. I called the customer care to verify and they gave me a new Promo code to use in online form. I submitted the promotion attaching picture of receipt with two IPhone 8 plus boxes and the letter received from Costco on November 23 2017.

    I was checking the status regularly but just out of the blue on December 11 2017 nothing is returned at . I called the T-Mobile support team which takes care of promotions and they confirmed they can see the Promo being requested around November 23 but they cannot track the request. It’s frustrating to know there was neither email alert nor a phone call on whether and why the first request was and if it was rejected (however I attached all required documents). Initially, support representative asked me to resubmit the request in next 24 hours mentioning some deadline and when I called them again this other guy says he’ll need 15 days to check what happened and he’ll get back by January 2nd 2018.

    ((What in the world!!!()

    I don’t understand if it was a bug in their system (in these modern times losing an information is a serious flaw in the system) or if I was hit by some scam.

    Anyways; I resubmitted the request as I was told and next day when I track the status of old request I see it there and I see a new request status as well. Again a bug? And now the old tracking number has the new submission date or should I say my requested  promotion was just delayed by a month by some bug in T-Mobile’s framework!!!

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Issue in IPhone 8 Plus Costco Nov2017 promotion

        Hey there!


        Thanks for reaching out! Costco offers are a little separate than direct T-Mobile offers, so I can't say for sure what's happening without seeing the account. What I can say is that many of the Costco rebates can only be seen on the Costco side and will not appear in our traditional tracking systems that are for direct T-Mobile rebates. I suspect that may be part of the issue (although it's not the case with all rebates) and would suggest you speak to Costco directly if you haven't already!



        • tmo_chris

          Re: Issue in IPhone 8 Plus Costco Nov2017 promotion

          Hey there! Have you had a chance to speak with Costco yet? Our promotions team should still be able to give you an accurate status update if you suspect there is anything wrong with the submission.

          • jayati

            Re: Issue in IPhone 8 Plus Costco Nov2017 promotion

            Hi tmo_lauren and tmo_chris,

            I had a word with Costco and they are saying this promotion is being handled by t-mobile specifically.


            from Frrom T-mobile’s support side I did as instructed and re submitted my promo request and then out of the blue the previous promotion request now points to the new one as I mentioned it earlier.


            Please pull my account details and you’ll get to know what the details. This is for number ending with 3103



              • tmo_chris

                Re: Issue in IPhone 8 Plus Costco Nov2017 promotion

                We are unfortunately unable to securely access accounts here on a user forum I would recommend that you contact the rebate care team at 1-877-311-8853 as they will be able to pull up your submission and ensure everything is in order. You can use the below prompts to reach a live agent.


                Press 1 for English.

                Press 2 for Terms & Conditions

                Press 2 for General Instructions

                Press 1 for Additional Assistance.

              • jayati

                Re: Issue in IPhone 8 Plus Costco Nov2017 promotion

                As I mentioned earlier; I've called t-mobile support / promotion department quite a few times now and none of the responses so far has been satisfactory.

                I'll wait for the t-mobile customer rep who told me to call on 2 Jan 2018.

                I'll once again check with costco today.