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Frustrated with Poor Customer Service

    Im replying on a string because there is no obvious way to start my complaint. I suspect that to be by design so don't bother telling me.


    I have worked as a service manager with my company over 5 years now. I would like to start off by saying that cell phone companies are responsible for the painfully descending quality of customer service in a multitude of fields. There was once an expectation of results and responsiveness that i think we Americans took for granted at one time. Companies needed to respond quickly as to stave off negative feedback that would most certainly affect them if even in the slightest loss off revenue to a competitor. Not any more. Watching things slowly change over the years as unrelated customer support facilities slowly borrowed the methods brought forth and exercised by companies like T mobile. After dealing with t mobile customer service so much, there are a few ugly truths i have become certain of. One is the tire out you prey method. Service reps are following a flow methodology they likely don't understand themselves. Many people simply don't have the time to wait and wait on hold only to be greeted by a foreigner speaking in-comprehensive English. If a company could shake off only 10% of these overcharged customers how much might they save? millions? When communication starts with customer service everything you say is dictated and the timer starts running. I have found more than once i was only given my money back when the cost to t mobile through their payroll equaled what they legally owed me. I hit this point after months and months of hour long calls and suddenly they answer the phone and give me what is owed to me without discussion. Just over like that, as a point was reached where T mobile was no longer in the black. i had called so many times and spent so many hours on the phone with their employees that it was starting to cost them money.There are a couple truths i live by to negotiate murky waters and grey areas. Follow the money and you will find the truth and the simplest answer is usually the correct answer.

        Years ago i was one of the people that had all of my personal data handed over to hackers due to the fumbling incompetence of T mobile and Experian credit service. I received a form letter saying they were sorry and a ridiculous offer for one year of credit monitoring from Experian. Hilarious. So im going to let the company who gave me and a few million other peoples personal financial data away to hackers watch my back? That is the fox watching the hen house. T mobile has done me so wrong they should have offered me free service for life. That is spin doctoring that i guess us Americans as a whole are way too stupid to see through, or at-least that's what they think. I was of course forced to buy dependable credit monitoring that costs me 150.00 dollars a year,

           Lets call this chapter one. i haven't really gotten started yet with the lies and theft perpetrated by T mobile Im just out of time.



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      • tmo_chris

        Hey Ntapscott,


        Thanks for taking the time to post to the community. I am sorry to hear that your first post in a very long time has to be about poor experiences you have had I know that the Experian breach was something that we wish never happened but Experian did everything thing the could to help make things easier for potential victims. Is there something going on with your account right now that I could help you out with?