Visual VoiceMail with ONE PLUS




    I tried posting in another thread and tried chatting with some one to no avail, I`m at work and call in right now.......


    So, yesterday I switched to TMobile from ATT, took 5 lines (4 iPhones 1 flip phone), only my main line I added One Plus, I was able to activate everyone else's Visual Voicemail just fine, but on my line, when I go to VoiceMail tab, all it says it to call voicemail. Basically from what I understood due to One Plus having Voicemail to Text, its not allowing it to activate iOS Visual Voicemail, I went thru TMobiles site and tried to disable the Voicemail to Text, but cant find it....

    My coworker has TMobile as well with One Plus and his visual voicemail works just fine. Can some one please help me ?


    Also I need to turn of Name ID, it's an annoying feature (it's actually a good feature, but iPhone doesnt show the number and name, and I can not see the number).... 

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      • snn555

        Re: Visual VoiceMail with ONE PLUS

        Because ONE Plus comes with VM to Text and Name ID those cannot be disabled.


        I know....makes no sense.


        Even if it can't be removed it should be able to be disabled.


        Apple uses it's own VM servers.


        You'll need to call tech support to get your VM working. I'd contact Apple first. Apple has a support app in the app store for chat email Calling support.

          • yozh

            Re: Visual VoiceMail with ONE PLUS

            Thanks for the reply, but why contact apple ? The interesting part, is my coworkers VM works just fine and he has One Plus on his line, and he said he never had a problem since he switches (also from ATT) back in October. I might be able to survive with Name ID(although I really hate it) but Visual VoiceMail I need 100%

          • yozh

            Re: Visual VoiceMail with ONE PLUS

            Ok finally was able to chat with some one and he removed the VM to Text and Added Visual Voicemail all good now.... Name ID he said is not removable if you want to have One Plus (this is not smart)