Absolutely Horrible T-Mobile Customer Service


    I keep getting a text from T-Mobile that says I need to validate my Advantage discount billing. I was not even aware that I was on any discount. I guess maybe because my wife is a school teacher I get some kind of a discount. So I followed the T-Mobile link to do the verification but it will not upload my wife's School Teacher ID. I called T-Mobile store in Schaumburg, IL  who had set up my initial account and they said they could do nothing to help. I called the Customer service number and I have been transferred 8 times for the last 2 hours with no one taking ownership to solve the problem, everyone just passes me on to someone else. I have never had such a terrible customer service experience in my life. I am 2 seconds away from getting rid of T-Mobile service


    I have had the worst customer service experience in my life with T-Mobile today. I was transferred 8 times and not even one individual was able to help me. I was unable to load a picture ID to validate my Billing discount. Even though the image was a jpeg file with only 240KB in size. One after another customer service rep kept transferring with no solution. I am so fed up that I am considering switching from T-Mobile. Please have someone from the Loyalty group contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx before I pull the plug on T-Mobil


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