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Delayed incoming texts on S8+ after 12/8 update?


    Is anyone else having this issue? A lot of my incoming texts are coming in very delayed or not at all after the 12/8 update. First it was a group message, which I thought could be normal because sometimes they take a while to get the message. Then that started working fine after about two days, but another contact now is coming in delayed. In some cases I'm just not getting the text they send at all.


    I've done all the normal stuff, clear cache, restart phone, delete the message thread with the issue, tried it all multiple times. It is getting incredibly frustrating. I actually switched to using facebook messenger with this contact because her texts do no come through at all now.


    Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated. I've also posted over on reddit and a few users seem to be having the same issue.

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      • snn555

        Could it just be the other person having an issue if they are the only contact you have an issue with? And perhaps you could delete that contact and it’s thread from your phone and then restart resync and re-add that contact back to your contact list.

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          • chrisutpg

            Well I thought that was possible. But the first issue started in a group chat with Contact A, and after a few days I got all the messages I was missing. They came in like back to back all at once about 2 days after the issue has first come up. But now the same issue is happening with Contact B a different contact. For example I texter her at 6:30 AM yesterday, she texted me back right away, but I never got her text until 2:30 PM. I can confirm the time she sent it because she sent me a screenshot, and that screenshot came over without issue.


            But any other ideas would be helpful! Thanks!

              • tmo_marissa

                Kudos to you for all of the troubleshooting you've tried per your original post, chrisutpg! To be honest, everything you've outlined there and the suggestion that snn555 made about removing the contact entirely would be the basic (and intermediate, for that matter) self-help steps we'd recommend to get an issue like this in order. At this point, we'd want to have you Contact Us and work with either our Tech (over the phone by dialing 611) or T-Force (through PM or DM on FB or Twitter) team to get a ticket filed to report this issue to our engineering team so that they can take a look at the back end. When you reach out, they'll want two examples of these incoming message delays with your friend's number, the time that they sent the message to you, and the time that you received it. They'll also want to know whether you were connected to WiFi or the network when this happened, so please make note of that before you reach out!

            • tmo_marissa

              Howdy! Just wanted to check in and make sure you'd been able to reach out and get a ticket filed for this. Hope everything's going well!