Is this a fraud? Sales representative cheated me on BOGO


    I called the customer service department on 12/4 to add new line and want to check if I am eligible for BOGO offer, the sales representative confirmed that my lines are eligible for the BOGO without changing my current plan (4 lines for $120). Believing him I have ordered the mobiles and did all the documentation over the email. While checking my status on 12/6, as usual T-mobile shipped the devices to incorrect address and since I need the sim card very badly, called the customer service and they asked to go the store and get the SIM and devices. In the store I heard that my current plan does not eligible for BOGO offer I made the store associate talk to the customer service who initially placed my order. They released the devices with the SIM and once I came home I have applied for the BOGO rebate on the same night and want to cross check with the T-Mobile. But the rebate team confirmed it will not be approved at all. So the next day morning without opening the boxes I have returned all the  devices in the store. But the store charged me with the restocking fee of $50 / device and totally $200 for all the 4 devices.


                                  Now for getting back my restocking and SIM fee, when I call the customer care they ask me to go to the store and deal the matter with the store associate. In the store the manager wants me to work with the customer support team. Back and forth I have spent more than 50 hours of my time and 3 visits to the store. All for a false commitment given by the sales representative on 12/4.


                                  Planning to dispute all the transactions if I don't get any solution before EOD today (12/15).

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