OutBound caller ID not working


    Please Help! I have 2 lines of T-mobile 55 and older plan. They work GREAT including Outbound caller ID.


    I purchased another line for a family member for a Christmas Gift.  All I have had is problems trying to get the Outbound caller ID working on this line.

    This line is Talk and text only so I do not know if that may be causing a problem or not.  I have talked to customer service that has contacted the Outbound caller id escalation and they have given me a voice message that says it should be fixed but it is NOT fixed.


    I have also talked to tech support. They have given me a case number 25836590 but instead of fixing the problem they have made it worse because now I get Anonymous and NO number.  Before I got the Number and the wrong Name but right City.  The current status is that they said that engineering will get back to me in 72 hours. Unfortunately the technical guy did not know about the Outbound caller ID escalation group that has been reference on these forums.


    What is the right group to contact to SOLVE my Outbound caller ID problem.


    Please HELP!

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