Possibly looking to close account - confused on "billing" and "service" cycle?


    I'm possibly looking to close my account, (on a older simple choice plan) and was very confused on exactly what the timelines on the "billing" period and the "service" period are.


    I am on autopay (drawn out on the 7-8th of each month) and I believe my due date is the 11th, with my "service" cycle starting on the 18th or something like that. My issue is that I would like to know when I should cancel to utilize the full amount of days on my "service" cycle that I paid for on the "billing" cycle.


    I've gone in store to inquire about if I am paying for service rendered, or paying ahead for service to be rendered, and got varying answers. Also varying answers on if t-mobile will issue a prorated refund for service not used, which would simplify things, but also see horror stories about being denied a prorated refund.


    If anyone can assist me in clarifying this information, or even give me a date that would be best to close account, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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