When trying to add a line online shows not eligible but if I call it shows eligible


    I have t mobile account with 6 lines and 12 lines were approved when I started. When I tried to add a line online it shows me "You are eligible to add 0 voice and 5 tablet, hotspot, or wearable lines to your account."  But when I call t mobile they told me I was eligible for 6 more lines. I need 2 more lines (to be ported) for my friends which are in different states. So my only option left is asking them to go to the store. One representative told me authorized users cannot add a new line, which I am not sure of. So my questions are


    1. Can my web order be fixed (I think I can get an instant discount that way too for ordering sim)?

    2. Can authorized uses go to store and add a line?

    3. If they can't do I need to go add line pay for sim and they have to go to a different store near to them and pay for sim again?

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